at the last Nuffnang Vaseline party (which I will blog as soon as I have more time.), I won another 2 Gold Class tickets to add on to the one that I got before this, from the cookie monster event. =D. you buy GC tickets from another counter, which saves up loads of time from those horrible queues.

I chose to watch at Pavilion because I’ve googled and surveyed on which is the best gold class. apparently this one is also the most expensive. teehee. and I needed to use my TANGS voucher. by the way, Tangs is having some storewide sale. want to buy something? go for it now. shoes as much as 90% off. madness. but do be reminded that those shoes are already 200+ before. and they are a bit.. defected. or their sizes are awfully small.


tax 8 bucks surcharge 10?! @#&)@$)@#)!


the place where you place your orders. what’s awesome possum about it is that they DELIVER the drinks (even beer!) to you. they should sell corona. would be even more awesome! >=D. anyways, this place smells like spa. or some facial place. =D. if you want to find a part time work, look for one HERE. you’d feel stress-less.


the very spacious seats. the cinema isn’t very big. fits about err 40 people. but to my surprise, it was pretty full. it was about 80% filled. heck, one ticket is 50bucks! and the greatest things about these very comfortable chairs are, they could be put down. you can literally sleep there. I am SERIOUS. my sister slept at the end of the movie because 1, it was too comfortable and 2, she’s just too tired. I had a hard time trying to reach our to her hand to wake her up at the end of the movie. not an ideal place if you want to HOLD ON/GRAB to your partner while watching a movie. =D.


I finally used the RM50 voucher I got from Ana & Tangs! and got that pair of investment shoes! mwaahahhahaa. the Gold Class area is really empty. my friends used to always tease “turn left.” whenever I ask “left of right” because the left is only for gold class. very silly to ask. T_T.


and they provide comforters as well. SUPER COMFORTABLE BLANKETS. I’ve never watched a movie at such a comfortable position before. ever. it’s too awesome to call it a gold class experience. it should be called the diamond class experience T________________T.  definitely worth a try. NO THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL. and I am usually truthful unless somebody is putting a knife on my throat.

but only do it when you feel a little rich. maybe when you felt that your wallet is getting too heavy and would like to chop some weight off. or perhaps when you want to impress some girl. =D. most people who goes for gold class are middle eastern people. probably because a normal ticket costs this much in Dubai. =P. it costs this much in China and Japan though T_T. but I am keen on trying Korean cinema’s it’s about RM20. okay-lah. bearable. I can’t imagine how the guys in Korea finance their girlfriends. =X.

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8 years ago

Rm50 just for the seat? Any freebies? Pop corn or drinks? Snacks?

8 years ago

Thanks, i will try it when i go to KL…..
Penang only got the Premier Class….