the cutely decorated sign. <3.

not a very big place. therefore, you MUST book before you get there. if not, don’t think about it, it is impossible waahahahaa.

look at the number of good comments from famous people and the newspaper spread!

the cute miniatures haha!

the very cute tables! =D. they have a hole underneath, you don’t have to sit on your legs. =D.

=D. damn excited for the food to come.

you see, the menu’s pictures look great. and when they serve it, it doesn’t differ much from what you can see. REALLY!

Sashimi Moriawase. this really did put a static smile on my face. I LOVE sashimi. some people actually thinks raw food is disgusting. but HOW CAN?! well, I hope more of my friend’s are like that so I can have their share of SASHIMI! <3. mwahahhahaa.

the Lady Set at a rather reasonable price of RM55. WITH ICE CREAM. those little dishes changes every month I heard. but trust me, every little dish is just as addictive. YUM. and their sashimi is always damn damn damn thick. <3. which is good. not like the other kiamsiap japanese restaurants elsewhere =D.

that cheese thingy is salmon with cheese topping. it is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY nice. and, this is the first time I actually like fried food =3. I WANT MORE!

Poh Poh’s Salmon Chirashi set! it’s served with yummy salad and soup. looks very yummy eh? =3.

Black Sesame above and Wasabi on the bottom with red bean paste.

black sesame is always a wise choice as it is very special. and HEALTHY! apparently it helps hair growth and is good for the skin (according to Poh Poh).

and YES. that IS wasabi ice cream. not bad. pretty special but seriously, it’s quite hot. and I actually LOVE it like that <3. it’s a must try for those who have never had it before! =P.

the bill came at slightly above 200. definitely not a place for cheap food. but you will be guaranteed to leave with a satisfied feeling. =D. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. <3.

Hajime is located right next to Raffles College and opposite Caffeinees.

No. 64,
Jalan Damai Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

number : 03 2143 0073

now, WHO WANT TO SEE ZLWIN BEND SOME FORKS?! will blog SOON! really soon. won’t take long =D.

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Simon Seow
11 years ago

Heard so much about this place but haven’t had a chance to try yet.