as you know *coughs* I am not a clubber type, but Zouk? yeah, it’s probably the only club I’d go to.

this is Zlwin! yes his name IS Zlwin it isn’t just a screen name, it is on his IC! as you might’ve already knew, he is a fabulous magician in town, working for Zouk for almost a year now =D. and I was pretty lucky as he invited me to join him for the night.

at first I felt a little reluctant to go I admit because I’ve always had the idea of “going to clubs are just a waste of time, and girls go there to get picked by guys whom they don’t even know. it’s smokey, the music’s ruins your eardrums….. one word, dangerous!”. but take my word for it, your options will really change when you’re at Zouk. because, people just want to have fun and it ain’t dangerous as long as you stick with your friends =D.

this was before entering Zouk, he showed some magic (ps : I don’t call it tricks because no way tricks can be so real!) to my friends who got me there. and my eyes poped out a little already. @@.

I LOVE this picture. one of the reason was, BECAUSE I TOOK IT! =D=D=D=D.

this picture was taken at Phuture, one of the many clubs at Zouk. they play R&B songs, more suitable for people around my age hehehe.

THIS is how happening Zouk really is. people there are nice too, even just random people haha. at least to me. =D. Zouk’s actually divided to 5 parts + a Terrace Bar. so far, I’ve only been to Zouk, Phuture, Barsonic and Velvet =D. Aristo was closed when I went there the other day though =((.

DJ Chuckie @ Zouk =D. and that’s the very cool DJ behind! =D =D =D! strain your eyes, whatever! just look closer =X.

that’s Twilight ActionGirl and Lap Sap, the celebrity DJs =D. I know, their names are a little funny hahaha. especially when “action girl” doesn’t even look like a girl. xD. that’s what makes them special no?

and THIS is Barsonic, where nice trance music are played =D.

some sort of place like the lobby of the club haha.

Velvet’s hearty velvet door. <3.

I like Velvet the best, by the way =D. they have mumbo jumbo too on wednesdays I heard, where they play the older type of songs perhaps from the 80’s. ah my love for the 80’s. the songs played here are a little more laid back, not for the get-hyper-and-wild-type, which is, my type =X. =D.

and this is the bar =D. look how pretty the designs are!

and right, if you didn’t know, Zlwin is the Resident Magician at Zouk. and this is also the only club in Malaysia which actually hired a magician to entertain their guests. he’ll be there on Fridays and Saturdays. =D. and he usually pick a little crowd and entertain them, so if you have a stuck up face? sorry lah. or you can approach him instead of waiting for him to pick you hehehe.

and finally, I get entertained myself =P =P.

magic never fails to make me happy. first my jaw will drop, then I’ll have that weird face, and later, I’ll laugh like no body’s business. hehehee xD.

and this thing he does, is called the mentalism. (yes, he reads minds too.) I don’t understand how he made things bend and no way this is a trick. and from my weird opinion, I think that maybe he have this sort of brain chakara, (if you watch naruto HAHA) he focuses and erm maybe one spot will become very hot or something @@.

perhaps most of you wouldn’t believe that he could do such cool stuff like these, so really DO go to Zouk and experience it yourself >=).

the fork is as hard as.. steel? it’s really difficult to be bent back, and please ignore my face. that’s what I meant by, weird face.

okay maybe I am wrong about the chakara, he was bending the fork wrapped in my hands. and other than the fork’s friction which was pretty painful, I did not feel extreme heat. it just bent! @@!

and the two cards stuck together. to prove that he really did combine them both together, we signed on two different cards! and until today I am still erm, occasionally trying to split the card =X.

actually other than these two, he showed me other magical stuff too. you know those white ring polo mint sweets? I like this magic (not trick! HAHA even if Zlwin calls it a trick himself) kind of the most because it gets my brain haywired for a moment. Zlwin combined, or should I say, stuck the rings together just like that. like a chain. it was done right before my eyes and I still couldn’t see how it could get stuck together. I can’t even have my own invention of thinking of how he did it. it is just so incredible.

and and and, ALSO!! he took out papers which seemed like magazine cut-outs and flipped it over, and it became CASHHH. this MUST be a trick! *puffs*.

and and and and and! he also poked through the paper note, a RM50 paper note, and did some magic over it and there’s no hole! I am SURE it is the same paper note. nobody will sacrifice money for one trick no?! and BURNING the tissue and turning it back normal again. there’s too many to tell.

look I am beginning to write an essay about his incredulous magic already. STOP.


and I look like crap. ugh. I need to practice on more different expressions. =X.

Velvet’s dance floor <3. everything’s so full of love there! well, special thanks to Simon for taking such beautiful pictures (all pics on this post were taken by Simon, only one by me! I took more but it wasn’t so nice =X.) and Zlwin for bringing me there and editing these pictures until 2am. THANK YOU! ^_______^.

Zouk’s definitely a place you can club decently. I mean, not that other clubs aren’t decent but, you know, at least it’s tightly guarded and you’d feel safe hehehe.

PS : now I shall not say that ” I don’t club.”

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

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Zlwin Chew
14 years ago

What an exciting write-up! Like a story haha. It was really fun having you that night. Do come over to Zouk again. Am sure they will be pleased to have you come over soon!

Thanks, Jamie! =)

14 years ago

Happy CNY from Ushaia, Argentina

Kosmetik Hilden
14 years ago

Wow ! Amazing !

Kosmetik Hilden
14 years ago

I love Nail Art !

Kosmetikstudio Hilden
14 years ago

Good Posts, great gallery…..I like your Blog. Its my first visit here but i added it to my favorites.