I’m all recovered from my food poisoning thingy, but surprisingly, I’m STILL sick. flu, sore throat, fever…

WOOOOW. saturday was one tiring day. I slept in the cinema for a few times watching a great movie. I guess it does show how sleepy I am right? woke up before 5 and slept at 2 the day before it, so total I only slept for 3 hours, THEN, went to that competition thing until 4pm and arrived at Bon Odori with my SCHOOL SHOES and some clothes which is not my school uniform of course. THEN, left at 9 and went for a movie at 11.30. came home at 1 something. tiring enough?


I bet you noticed something weird about this pic.


it’s actually a picture which focused more on the 2 person than the stage and the crowd behind. hahaha.


water baloon for only RM2! it’s absolutely cute xD. loads of little jap kids was taking it, and I don’t want to be left out too!! hehe.


Sandy Sand <3


bloggers are just everywhere =D. here I present! reddishtea! red like.. brick! really red =P. gosh, I’m really really sorry that I didn’t remember you the other day >____<.

and so I went back around 9, danced for a while, really nice to dance around, but after you’re there for a few time, you’ll eventually get bored. the queue’s for the food are so darn long and the food are not exactly delicious. some of their food like the takoyaki isn’t really cooked inside too, raw and all.

so choose McDonald for the better choice.


I had ribena, still healthy =P.


APPLE PIE! I’m really addicted to the pies from McD. yes yes although I’m a bit of a health freak, this is still one thing that I’d not always say no to! this trans-fat thing is just so good. but just eat it once in a while, maybe once in a few months? =D.


delicious jap snack, not from Bon Odori. from KLCC. =D. costs less than RM5 and it’s super yummy. and whats best is..


it’s not trans fat! does not block our veins~ =D. healthier. japanese are so smart haha.

on that saturday, I went to watch Journey to The Center of The Earth! a quite nice one, too.. unbelievable for all the coincidences in the movie. too much coincidence you may say. good not great. =D. but before this, I would like to tell you one funny thing.

me and my friends went to Jusco to catch the movie, and whats left is only the first 2 rows while the others is all booked. THEN, we went back to the cinema 45minutes before and “holded” as in chatted with the new-came girl for FIFTEEN minutes just to get the tickets. it’s just too funny, (for me) because instead of working, she had a hard time just to sell 5 tickets in 15 minutes. as soon as the reserved tickets are off, we bought it, and we got a good place indeed. =D. the person who booked it and came 1 minute late must be very mad at us haha.

back to the movie.


great effects, good storyline, too much of those lucky scenes, could be better. >__<.

not really something I’d watch again, but it’s not a movie you must watch.


and THEN! the next day, which is yesterday, I went to Ampang with SunSengNim(teacher in korean) oh-so-finally to have my korean food! <3, it always tastes great to me, especially kimchi. hehe. other than the white carrot, I so totally hate it.


looking at so many side dishes just makes me smile =D. I ate SO much!


BBQ PORK! there’s another red marinated pork. forgotten to take a picture of it, but anyway, I prefer this one. marinated ones are better in beef. but beef’s like 50% more expensive than pork of course. haha.

steps to eating korean BBQ WITHOUT rice.

1. place the meat on a piece of vegetable leaf, put on the chillis, onions, bean paste, side dishes, salad, anything you can find on your table which you like.

2. roll it up.

3. and eat it in a bite or two! <3.

I’d take pictures of it SOON about how to eat it! I promise! xD.

and I regret for not remembering to take more pics. and to SunSengNim Peter who is leaving for Korea today, TAKE CARE! and also all the best there. Korean Chiqs are hot =P.

enjoyed the day with Kung Fu Panda and lots of GROCERY shopping. yes. grocery.


I’ve been hearing lots about Kung Fu Panda, it’s like everybody watched it. even the aunties! and they described it like it’s super duper great. no doubt it’s nice, but then I still quite prefer Monster Inc. despite how old it is right now. it’s one funny movie though, makes you laugh a lot, really worth a watch. =D.


everything here is absolutely delicious. especially the chocolate Ghana, mashitda!! and if you’re deciding to visit Korea, make sure you’re there on november 11. because starting from 11.11am, the pepero company will give out pepero ABSOLUTELY FREE! for the whole day! heard it from sunsengnim, so if it’s not keen then don’t come and find me, it’s keen lar. =D. hmm, this is considered as groceries right? 16-year-old grocery shopping, what you expect?! I raided all the marts in Ampang Avenue already, and if somebody knows where to buy duk buk gi (korean rice cakes) which doesn’t always go out of stock, DO TELL ME! oh yeah, the people of korean marts are really hardworking, they’re even open on Sundays! everybody should be like that =P. open for the emergencies. hehe.

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12 years ago

Is the Bon Odori good? Plan to go to the Bon Odori at Penang. 😀

12 years ago

frankly speaking, other than the over priced not so yummy food, the dances are really fun =D. especially going there with a group of friends. buying the food for the sake of queuing up is kinda fun too. =D.

12 years ago

Good… Good… Might pay a visit then. 🙂