last part already! hurray! or not.

okay! let me tell you what is most attractive in Singapore. no no not the clothes, not the beautiful trees also, and absolutely not the expensive taxi’s although I must admit that it’s extremely comfortable, but still EXPENSIVE!

the most attractive thing is.. PAPAYA MILK! must ask the auntie to add milk and honey to the papaya juice, or else sure not so nice. =P.


it’s very worth it as it’s pure papaya juice and it only costs $2! papaya’s help you go to the toilet you know?! so it’s very very healthy as well =P. and some other people said that it will help girls at 13 or 14 whose boobs are growing to grow even bigger. >_>. oh goodness I’m getting out of topic.

SINGAPORE! better not go in these few months I guess.. because of…


and the pictures taken at the Merlion won’t be so perfect. =(. bad timing for me to go sigh. they’re building some casino if I’m not mistaken, since it’s working night and day, I guess it’ll be done in no time =).

okay, so, on the 5th day, we went to the famous Merlion and Esplanade. for those who doesn’t know, Merlion looks like a fish combined with lion, the very famous thing and Esplanade is like 2 huge durians which is like the Opera House of Singapore. okay I bet everyone knows >_<.


THIS is the very famous 2 durians of Singapore! =P Esplanade. nice place to take pictures. Poserish I know. >_<. inherited from my mom, and I only have her 50% genes..

such a beautiful place that my mom couldn’t help it and POSED dramatically. her poses are really professional btw, it’s even more chio than the ones in the magazine, no supermodel can compare with her you know.. she’s so fully experienced in this modeling thing *chokes*.

and here I present..



look like some beauty peagent pose imo. there was actually a group of guys walking behind who laughed continuously looking at how “professional” my mom posed. =P.

and you know what? this is not the most chio one..

the most




chio one..


you’re laughing now, I KNEW IT! she won some sort of peagent before okay! when she is young. =P don’t play play.


and more posey ones. xD.

from the Esplanade, take a short walk across the bridge and you will find the Merlion. and from that view, you can take both Merlion and Esplanade together =).


having an older sister shorter than you does mean that people might most probably doubt if you are the younger one. =(. people usually think that the “taller” ones are older. I LOOK SO MUCH YOUNGER OK! *rolls eyes* T_T.


these crooked yellow lines means no overtaking. =D.


some really ichiban japanese mixed rice. they will serve it raw to you in a hot plate and you can cook it yourself, very very delicious. sold in Suntec too around the fountain. Salmon tastes the best trust me, and remember to pour in loads of honey sauce ^^.


I thought the Chinese lions looks always like this? (below). but the one in Singapore look tamed =P. and for some reasons it looked very cheerful and happy with its long tongue sticking out cutely xD. but can you just imagine seeing a lion doing this pose? as in sticking their tongue out like this while smiling. errr…..


I always thought that lions like these are very cool. <3.

later on the day I didn’t take pictures already, becauseeee…… I stomach ache. =/


went to Suntec, the very famous shopping complex with the biggest fountain in the world.


the BIGGEST Fountain in the WORLD, The Fountain Of Wealth.

Suntec City, owned by Lee Ka Shing of HK (richest man in HK, heir to Lee Shau Kee actually, aiks I don’t know but just click on the link and see how rich he is). I just know that his wife, Cathy Tsui is a damn pretty actress, she’s just perfect!<3.


the fountain of wealth when it is open to visitors. it’s said that if u walk 3 rounds clockwise and make a wish your wish will come true and you will be wealthy or something. and it’s a place that one shall not miss in Singapore =). for some reasons, when you look up to the empty huge fountain er.. fountain thingy, it looks like..


it does right?! =P

I’m sorry my drawing skills is just kindergarten standard ='(. I swear if I were drawing using a pen/pencil it’ll definitely look better!


and there is a Koi Garden in it too! look at how big the Koi’s are!

and then we went to Orchard! again. if you were to buy some branded bags, keep the bill and go to the visitors centre, the people will actually give you $20 voucher for comfy taxi’s for every 300 spent =P. and also the centre is filled with internet and OSIM MASSAGE CHAIRS! so when you are tired and so on from the 30+ shopping malls in Orchard itself, go there and have a nice squeeze =). wait, it don’t sound right >_<.


stuffs there are expensive, but I couldn’t resist going to Takashimaya, the food there are yummy and the decos sold there are so pretty and unique, just to see it is worth it >_<.

also, there are these outdoor escalators which I can’t figure out how they’d maintain. what happens when it rains right?


still lacking a lot in Photography =/.


we rode MRT home! to those who haven’t been to HK (or rode on their MTR), the MRT in S’pore looks and feels like the MTR in Hong Kong. both also very efficient but HK’s one is a little bit faster (1-2 mins come 1 time). COMPLAIN!!! why the KTM in Malaysia takes at least 20minutes to come once?! and also it moves like a SNAIL. sometimes if unlucky you’d even get stuck in the train for half an hour (which means yes, the train just STOP there), I’ve experienced that, in my high high heels and it’s packed with people ='(.


but no choice still gotta take it. =/


PS : now I don’t know if I want to strangle Ji Yuan (also known as Logic Yuan) or thank him. Don’t want to put something so horrifying in my blog, but if you still want to see it, click here. Ji Yuan is so kind that he remembers me, but at the same time so mean for turning me into a monster-looking person >_<. Ji Yuan! remember to make me pretty next time! =P.

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15 years ago

The way you said “chio” was damn funny. LOL.

15 years ago

omg…ur mom is good at wonder she’s got 2 beautifully trained-to-be-model daughters 😉
tell your mom im her fan already—>aunty! u rock!!!

15 years ago

be my model for a photoshoot then ma make u look leng leng lo…LOL