as much as I love food, there are certain Korean food that I’ve never tried because I thought that they’d taste bland or just food for those who can’t take spicy food or even something that I think that I might not like. basically I’d skip most things that doesn’t involve a little spice or pepper in it.

but little did I know, that the bland looking Dalghanmari (it means one chicken) actually has a adjustable spicy sauce! you can dip your bland looking chicken in that heavenly sauce and it is just.. purrrrfect.

CIMG3573 copy

so the place I went to is called 진옥화할매 닭한마리 Jin Ok Hwa Hal Mae Dalg Han Mari located at Dongdaemun. if you’d ask me how to get there again, I don’t think I can get there without my phone’s GPS. it’s located at some secluded area where you’d never guess that there’s restaurants filled with people. we walked pass the first Dalghanmari shop and it was packed. but my friend told me that I must go for the second one.. where there’s even a line outside.

he had actually brought me to this really delicious Dalghanmari in Sinchon before but I didn’t take any pictures at that time and it was another really secluded place which is famous amongst Japanese but there weren’t that many people. but this shop. crap. it was cold but people still stood outside waiting for a seat.

CIMG3577 copy2

hello readers, it’s me again. it has been so long since I’ve last blogged. missed me? =D. but anyway, there’s a pot for you to throw your bones into and also eat as much as you want water kimchi. it was really really really good. no joke. I’ve never tasted just delicious water kimchi! like I said, I am not a fan of bland food. but it sure wasn’t bland.

CIMG3573 copy

this is how the pot of Dalghanmari look like. for a reasonable 20,000won, you get a whole chicken. you got me, a whole chicken. and it isn’t those soft chicken injected with a lot of chemicals but like nice fresh chewy chicken. and I guess because the sauce is home made, it’s special. the waitress will also ask you if you want minced garlic to be added into your pot. YES PLEASE! you can add gamja<< which are potatoes. YES PLEASE! and the ddeok is free. I’ve never enjoyed ddeok other than with the ddeokbokki sauce. but this was amazing. they also serve it with their own broth and chunks of vegetables.

CIMG3581 copy

a mixture of chilli paste, diluted mustard, soy sauce and vinegar. and just mix! I saw the Japanese lady next to me mixing a big bowl like a pro though. which was a smart move because I had to make my sauce twice because it wasn’t just enough.

CIMG3584 copy

this is how 진옥화할매닭한마리 Jin Ok Hwa Hal Mae Dalg Han Mari look like outside. I guess the name mean Jin Ok Hwa Grandma’s one whole chicken hahaha. and here’s their website for more info you can also type 진옥화닭한마리 and it will pop out on the locations of google maps!

CIMG3586 copy

when I say secluded, I meant SECLUDED.

CIMG3589 copy

and since it was my first time at Dongdaemun after a LOOOOONG time, I shall be touristy! outside Doota mall. the mall with the most spectacular clothes. Korean clothes. but priced at an even more spectacular price. hahahaha. I can’t shop here =S. I’d go broke in no time. or maybe I just can’t buy anything because I’m already too broke hehehe.

CIMG3592 copy


CIMG3596 copy

say hi to Kenji who’s here only for a few days and since I had exams I could only squeeze a few hours out to have dinner with him =(.

but before I end my post, I’d like to introduce you to this amazing eye cream from Missha hahahaha.

CIMG3568 copy

the Missha TIME REVOLUTION EYE CREAM!!! I know many might think that I am too young to start putting on eye cream, but it isn’t true. I’m already regretting it that I’m starting this late because I am starting to get eye wrinkles. many said its due to the weather but I think it is just because I am too stressed out and it made me grow older. and it is amazing because compared to other eye creams, this one gives you a matte finish and since I am really prone to oil seeds/skin tacks, it is perfect for me =D.

CIMG3570 copy

it also have little bits of breakable balls inside! I’m always very amazed and amused by these kind of pop-able things =P.

and right, MY EXAMS OVER!!! I’ll be stress free (I hope) till MARCH NEXT YEAR MUAHAHAHHAHA.

I’m also going to Kyoto if you don’t know yet. if there’s any recommendations or if there’s anything you want me to do or try, do drop me a message/comment/email and I will try my best! =D. doesn’t only apply to Kyoto since I will be going to Osaka, Nara and Kobe as well (and if possible, recommend me any other neighbouring cities?) and Seoul too since I will be here for a while before going back to Malaysia to meet my family =D.

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7 years ago


I really like your blog. I’m actually going to Japan for two months in february and then to South Korea for two months after that.
I have to say I love that you post about food a lot haha.

How long are you staying in Seoul and how long in Japan?

Have a good day~ ^^

7 years ago

.. that’s actually 803 pesos when converted in Philippine peso.. hahahahahah good luck to your travel to Japan!! 😀