[Seoul: Dongdaemun] Dalg Han Mari 닭한마리

as much as I love food, there are certain Korean food that I’ve never tried because I thought that they’d taste bland or just food for those who can’t take spicy food or even something that I think that I might not like. basically I’d skip most things that doesn’t involve a little spice or pepper in it.

but little did I know, that the bland looking Dalghanmari (it means one chicken) actually has a adjustable spicy sauce! you can dip your bland looking chicken in that heavenly sauce and it is just.. purrrrfect.

CIMG3573 copy

so the place I went to is called 진옥화할매 닭한마리 Jin Ok Hwa Hal Mae Dalg Han Mari located at Dongdaemun. if you’d ask me how to get there again, I don’t think I can get there without my phone’s GPS. it’s located at some secluded area where you’d never guess that there’s restaurants filled with people. we walked pass the first Dalghanmari shop and it was packed. but my friend told me that I must go for the second one.. where there’s even a line outside. Continue reading “[Seoul: Dongdaemun] Dalg Han Mari 닭한마리”