and it isn’t a recent thing. I’ve been in love since I was 8. watching Autumn in my heart the first time on TV being amazed with the beauty of the autumn tree leaves. being here, it’s like a dream come true. I absolutely marveled around trees. to the extent that I’ve hugged them. okay I am weird I admit. but being able to live through Autumn is really amazing. so even if the air tickets costs for for Autumn, try making it for this season which lasts not more than a month. Autumn just started about 2 weeks ago. so it’s at its peak now. I took the whole day out to go shooting with a fellow Malaysian yesterday. he has an awesome super professional camera but here’s a little (okay maybe not so little) of what I was able to capture with my own camera.

IMG_6354 copy

we started our photoscape journey getting of the bus at Gyeongbokgung. and oh, those are ginko trees. they have the worst smelling fruit. it’s exactly like how I’d imagine a dead Raffleasia to smell like.

IMG_6360 copy

the main gate of the famous and huge Gyeongbokgung. it was as usual, crowded. heard that there’s nothing much inside. sigh, have still not been inside of it yet. it’s huge though. very huge.

IMG_6380 copy

and my favourite area in Seoul, Samcheongdong. the cafes here are the most beautiful to me followed by the ones in Garusogil and Bundang.

IMG_6382 copy

these shops are located at the back alleys of Samcheongdong. they are absolute gems.

IMG_6383 copy

this shop has some famous award for its chef if I am not wrong.

IMG_6384 copy

the perfect 2 rows of yellow ginko trees. it’s the road towards Cheongwadae in Samcheongdong.

IMG_6388 copy

and from now you will see a lot of vain pictures of me.

IMG_6389 copy

I have a dimple at the corner below my lips pfft. at least it’s better than nothing right =D.

IMG_6393 copy

the vending machines I love. 200-400won coffee, milk or hot choco. mmmmmm. cheap and awesome for the cold weather.

IMG_6394 copy

old school beetle is awesome.

IMG_6396 copy

the more mainstream Samcheongdong. (in case you have no idea how to get here from GBG, please go to my travel tabs and look for my Samcheongdong posts!)

IMG_6403 copy

the most breath taking sight. took this from Bukchon Hanok Village. (again, you can search for it at the travel tab!)

IMG_6407 copy

the steam releasers at this unique hanok house is really unique.

IMG_6408 copy

for me, each time I come by Samcheongdong, I will think “why not drop by Bukchon for a stroll?” I’ve only not come by here like twice because of the rain haha.

IMG_6412 copy

and Insadong. also walking distance from Samcheongdong. meet the Harubangs! =3. I am now one of them pfft. with my scary eyes that people say penetrates electricity.

IMG_6414 copy

mainstream Insadong road. haha.

IMG_6415 copy

the cafe where Jung Yong Hwa and So Hyun (?) came to in their reality show “We Got Married”. I saw some korean blogpost on this shop before. they serve everything in a very cute way. but pretty pricey. well, thanks to all the publicity and location I guess.

IMG_6424 copy

and my favourite pathway from Insadong to Samcheongdong.

IMG_6428 copy


IMG_6431 copy


IMG_6433 copy

and neat creative cafes along the way =3.


educational library. and its beautiful ginko trees <3.

IMG_6445 copy

hello this is not jamie liew. I think I look pretty old with curls =S.

IMG_6460 copy

okay more like me.

IMG_6465 copy

human statues. haha. pretty cool idea. the errr, paperbag and dog strap thing.

IMG_6466 copy

by TODs!

IMG_6467 copy

the back alleys of Samcheongdong =3.

IMG_6475 copy

one of the most beautiful cafes. I am sure. they are always well decorated with colourful flowers. this place looks absolutely awesome in Spring as well!

IMG_6477 copy

that cheap ddeokbokki place. where you eat ddeokbokki on a stick. worth a visit. feels really old school.

IMG_6481 copy

we then went for brunch at a hidden shop in Samcheongdong.

IMG_6483 copy

pasta’s good but too sweet for my taste. the stawberry yoghurt was awesome though!

IMG_6485 copy

they just had to serve pasta’s here so prettily.

IMG_6488 copy

we then walked over (yes walk. because I am stingy to get in a cab like that.) to Deoksugung to visit that famous rock wall street which is right beside Deoksugung. there’s a myth that if couples walk through here together, they will break up somehow. apparently to most Koreans it is true but yet many of them want to test their love for each other so they still come here.

IMG_6489 copy

this tastes like burnt caramel. it’s more of a cotton candy texture rather than a hard chewy biscuit. 1,000won each usually. sometimes you will see people sitting along the streets spending time carving out the pattern that is stamped on it. if they successfully carve the thing in the middle out perfectly, they would get some prize I guess. it’s just a game.

IMG_6493 copy

but it was too crowded. so I left without taking too much pictures.

IMG_6504 copy

guards changing ceremony outside Deoksugung. available at 11am, 2pm and 3.30pm everyday except Mondays. that stone wall street (literal translation from Korean haha) is on the side. see that alley?

Deoksugung is located opposite City Hall’s big field where they hold riots and all there. there was something going on again when I was there. police filling the entire area. police cars, buses, everywhere. scared me I thought what. but apparently it’s really normal.


we then proceed for our sunset shoot at Haneul Gongwon 하늘공원 located at World Cup Stadium. as in, the name of the subway station. you gotta walk a lot and climb up 300flight of stairs to get here. but look at the pictures and you’d know it’s worth it.

IMG_6509 copy

this place was as expected, super packed with people. because this is the best season to visit this park filled with ferns.


the beauty of this park is no joke. there are windmills behind but I forgot to take a picture of it D=. was hard juggling from taking pictures and being my friends model of the day haha.

IMG_6518 copy

absolutely love this place, and I had to sneak into the fern garden even though there were dividers. too pretty.

IMG_6524 copy

spam. =3. yalah I know I am vain D=.

IMG_6535 copy

lens flare. took many pictures to capture it. but only this came out well T_T. but my face is a bit.. tired from taking so many shots just to get that flare.

IMG_6539 copy

FERNS!!! <3. or are they something else? dunno but ah so pretty <3.

IMG_6540 copy


IMG_6553 copy

supposed to be a beautiful sunset shot if my hands weren’t shaking from the cold pfft.

IMG_6567 copy

just look at the view!

IMG_6580 copy

they bar people from coming up to the park (which is literally way up above on a flat-top hill) after 6, where the sky is all dark.

IMG_6582 copy


IMG_6590 copy


IMG_6591 copy

=3. okay enough of my vain shots.

IMG_6600 copy

alright alright.

IMG_6602 copy

don’t you want to come here too? sorry if I poisoned you. teehee.

IMG_6604 copy

alright this is the end of my post. hope you enjoyed it and sorry that you have to see my vain pictures. hehe. more to come when I retrieve more pictures from my friend!

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8 years ago

You are so pretty and vain!

8 years ago

It’s alright to be vain if you’re pretty 🙂 can’t wait for your next post.Oh and i wanna thank you for helping me out with my questions about studying in korea 🙂 however i have to postpone that dream a little longer.But i hope by the time i am able to achieve that,u will still be in Korea because i want to meet u 😀 🙂

8 years ago

Everything is so nice and beautiful . Nice scenery , you look more and more lenglui . You look beautiful with the curls la . And i notice that you got a bit eyebag dy ah , rest more okay . =D Glad to see that you enjoy yourself there . Enjoy more ! =D

8 years ago

autumn is my fav season too, always so beautiful

8 years ago

nice pics! Always loved autumn, u shd check out autumn in kyoto, nature,landscaping + design inspired by Zen philosophies coupled with Japanese dedication of details = perfect 🙂

8 years ago

what camera do you use?it’s very awesome…

8 years ago

omg~~love autumn so much~~but havent have chance to visit seoul on autumn~just visited spring and winter~~but it’s all awesome!!! btw~~ur dress match the scenery well~~ nice~~~

7 years ago

what the best time to visit seoul during autumn period ?

7 years ago

hi jamie,next week 4th october i will go to seoul,any cheap autumn clothes ,

6 years ago

Hi Jamie! I already read all of your post about Korea. 😀
First of all, you are so pretty and your blog is so detail
I got so much useful information from your blog

Next month I am going to visit Busan Jeju and Seoul
And I intentionally go there to see beautiful Korea when Autumn
What clothes should I bring from early to mid November?
Is it enough just to bring coat and jacket? Can I survive without gloves?
Is it okay to bring my own gym clothes on the jjimjilbang ?
Because I’m afraid that I am too big for Korean size clothes or they provide big size too for foreigner?
Everyone looked so petite there

5 years ago

Hi Jamie,

Is it nice to visit Haneul Gongwon around end of September time? Planning to go there after seen these photos~ It’s awesome for photo-shooting~~ (:

5 years ago

Hey noona,
how did you edit your pictures?
it’s beyond awesome.
anyway, i am choosing to study korea language in Kyunghee or Yonsei unis. Which one would you suggest?
Thank youuuu.