super 5 months late post. because I just retrieved the pictures from Leo. most of the pictures below were taken by Leo ^^.

DSC_8844 copy

after class I went to meet up with Leo. it was the 2nd day of Akaraka (of 3 days) and on the first day you can see students sitting on both sides of the road with little box tables on nice cozy mats (even on grass) with bottles of alcohol (soju, beer..) and chicken. but I guess I love the 2nd day the most. because they have FREE GIFTS!! the one above is a Loacker booth. basically just wait in the line and you’d get a free bar of Loacker. which I absolutely love but its absolutely expensive U_U.

DSC_8853 copy

students all around promoting their booths!

and my favourite……… stalking hot guys. there’s 1 more picture of that senior I stalk in the library a lot during level 3 but my pendrive was full, next time!

DSC_8919 copy

here’s a staff from Ceci. a magazine which is pretty famous in universities here. and I know, HE’S SO CUTE! *faints*

DSC_8922 copy

reminds me of Jung Il Woo if you know who that is. I played some billards game where I have to throw a magnet thingy from afar and hit a small 50cents dot on the side while the board is spinning. I was never lucky but on I hit RIGHT ON IT! won myself some make up primer (which I don’t use le sigh) which costs 30,000won (RM90)!

DSC_8943 copy

those amount of booths. it’s not only for Yonsei Students, so if you so happen to be in Korea during the 3 days Akaraka period (only the 1st two days are open to outsiders) then make sure to drop by!

DSC_8957 copy

the further you jump, the better your prize. the most expensive prize was a pair of branded shoes!! if not then caps. but there’s a small fee to join it.

DSC_8963 copy

pineapples for 1,000won!  each department have to come out with something!

DSC_8978 copy

oppa Yonsei style!

DSC_9011 copy

with…mr. pineapple.

DSC_9026 copy

these people are crazily good in this. one of the many things that I cannot do. =/.

DSC_9059 copy

love Turkish ice creams and their vendors! just so fun =3.

DSC_9079 copy

there are ajumma’s selling the famous street food as well =D.

DSC_9080 copy

and indie bands good enough to be put on stage. really.

DSC_9085 copy

some architecture work from some other school. pretty cool I must say.

DSC_9089 copy

believe it or not but this is supposed to be the shower area!

DSC_9118 copy

another work from another school. VERY FLIMSY D=.

DSC_9125 copy

and another. even flimsier.

DSC_9136 copy

but at least there’s a nice window… with a pot of plant on the 2nd floor. yes that building has a 2nd floor and I shamelessly climbed up there despite being heavy. and I could destruct the whole thing easily.

DSC_9170 copy

no idea what pose this is. just followed him haha.

DSC_9176 copy

more pepsi men. it’s damn weird because they are not fat. =P.

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11 years ago

lol to those pepsi guy. I wonder how they breath??

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11 years ago

how does pepsi man see? o.O
The pose was… weird. XD

11 years ago

Hey Jamie, my dream is to study at Korea! So I guess my first step is to learn Korean, I was planning to take korean classes at icls. But can I know which level do I need to reach before I can study in Korea? =D