so like how I’ve blogged about previously, just take the Subway to Gangbyeon and walk across to Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal and ask for a ticket to Gapyeong. Ga-Pyeong.

IMG_1781 copy

the bus heads to Chuncheon so make sure you know where to get off. if I am not wrong you get out on the 2nd stop. it takes around an hour and a half.

IMG_1786 copy

5,900won for one way. when you reach Gapyeong it is advisable to take a taxi which costs around 3,500won to Nami’s Ferry port. you can take a bus but it’s pretty complicating and I think the bus don’t come by that quickly. the Taxi stand is further in front of the Bus Terminal =D.

IMG_1787 copy

funny because they call it IMMIGRATION. when they do not require our passport hahaha. and the ticket is called a Visa.

IMG_1790 copy

MALAYSIA’S FLAG IN FRONT! wheeeeeeeeeeee. =3. suddenly got extra proud to be Malaysian haha.

IMG_1792 copy

lettuce in a toilet bowl. mmhmm.

IMG_1793 copy

the cost of a round trip is 8,000won. quite costly but at least there’s no extra entry fee’s.

IMG_1798 copy

the romantic couple bicycle. always wanted to ride on it but I guess it’ll never happen =S. I can’t ride the bicycle.

IMG_1799 copy

=D. I prefer Nami the last time I came here really. not sure if it’s because I like botak (bald) trees more, or because I like the dried leaves on the floor or maybe it is just too hot this season. but sometimes you can’t really pick. say, if you want to come here to shop you must come here in Spring or Summer. =S.

IMG_1800 copy

some bird’s home it said =D.

IMG_1802 copy

Singapore’s Merlion!

IMG_1803 copy

the flat soju bottle bridge! apparently this is where the main characters of  Winter Sonata first kissed.

IMG_1810 copy

my legs ain’t that slim and long really. this is an optical illusion.

IMG_1812 copy

I was looking for hearts formed by leaves until I noticed it isn’t Autumn U______U. so stupid of me. but they replaced it with rocks!

IMG_1817 copy

like a week + ago there was some Malaysian exhibition I think! on Langkawi. so the whole place is filled with Malaysia’s flag!

IMG_1818 copy

anyways I wanna introduce you to this shop that sells lunch box.

I know, you must be thinking “what? lunch box?”

they are traditional lunch boxes. it’s pretty hard to find nowadays so if you’re in Nami might as well give it a try.

IMG_1820 copy

don’t know where this leads but it’s pretty special since they have 3 layers of these curtains.

IMG_1821 copy

this place sells Dosirak (doh-shi-rak, lunch box), Kimchi Jeon, Makgeolli, Patbingsu and Moksabal.

IMG_1822 copy

MMMMMMM. Chilsung Cider is Korea’s version of Sprite.

IMG_1829 copy

the lunchbox was really hot even with the gloves. I went with Martha, from USA, she was asking how is this traditional when it’s so hot and requires gloves. the answer is.. (though I am not completely sure, I heard it from someone too) when Korea was not developed like this, people were poor and mine workers would always wear gloves anyways, so they would put in Kimchi and an egg into the rice lunch box, burn it and then shake it before eating. it is gold and metal traditionally too!

IMG_1832 copy

it was burnnnnnnnning hot.

IMG_1837 copy

cheese and tuna dosirak! 6,000won. to be honest it isn’t actually worth the price based on their ingredients. but you should at least try it since it’s something different, and with a history to it. I heard it was 4,000won before. but oh well, even the subway costs more now =(.

IMG_1839 copy

the entire menu!

IMG_1841 copy

and the counter. I am pretty sure any other restaurants there would cost more than this shop so might as well visit this place =P.

IMG_1842 copy

the direct translation would be.. ” the way to eat the lunchbox deliciously, wear the gloves on both hands and MAGU MAGU shake it~!”

IMG_1843 copy

in case you can’t find the dosirak place, its behind a fountain and it looks like this……… next to some Chinese restaurant. it’s a LITTLE secluded.

IMG_1845 copy

the banner for the dosirak place except it’s mostly in Korean =S. and they call dosirak “Kimchi Bento” hahahaha.

IMG_1847 copy

see what I meant earlier by Malaysian flags EVERYWHERE? =D. but what’s with the green flag on the right D=.

IMG_1848 copy

Gajah (elephant in Malay) batik-ish drawings. since Nami Island is like an artsy fartsy place I am pretty sure they had an art exhibition!

IMG_1850 copy

elephants drawn in many ways.

IMG_1852 copy

suddenly feeling so patriotic. MALAYSIA BOLEH! at least they made it to Nami Island!

IMG_1856 copy

I thought it was a temple. but it’s actually the entrance to the hotels in Nami Island.

IMG_1859 copy

the fake persimmon tree haha.

IMG_1860 copy

places to store Kimchi Pots! look more like the red indian’s home. D=.

IMG_1861 copy

ahhh. the typical view of Nami. <3.

IMG_1865 copy

unleashing the sampatness in me once again.

IMG_1866 copy

for the Winter Sonata fans.

IMG_1869 copy

what I call the “main” street. hahaha. Martha thinks it’s weird how I name it but I only called it the main street because this is the part where the movie was filmed at. the most beautiful part actually.

IMG_1870 copy

there are a lot of these mysterious looking huts and houses which are really actually galleries.

IMG_1871 copy

they believe that stacking up stones can bring luck.

IMG_1872 copy

my luck in stacking up some stones. epic phail it fell T_T.

IMG_1874 copy

the whole place is stacked with stones. it wasn’t even this epic 2 years ago when I was here.

IMG_1881 copy

see what I meant by EPIC?

IMG_1877 copy

you can find squirrels EVERYWHERE! =D. ostriches too!

IMG_1879 copy

Martha and I! =D. had so much fun she’s really really friendly. hadn’t had so much fun in a while ^_^!

IMG_1883 copy

DDONGCHIM!! it means poking the butthole hehehe.

there used to be a series of claywork of a mother feeding her kids and now it’s built THISSSSSSS huge.

IMG_1884 copy

=D. spam. trying to look romantic wth.

IMG_1889 copy

there’s a place right at the end of the road (of the “main street”) where you can ride jet ski and stuff. look pretty fun! but definitely not my cup of tea U_U.

IMG_1893 copy

sampat take 2!

IMG_1896 copy

with Martha again! I’m just typically tall =/.

IMG_1900 copy

nakseo. it means scribbling. more like vandalising. hahaha. it’s like Korea’s culture to do it. they do it EVERYWHERE. in the toilet, benches, even in Baskin Robbins D=.

IMG_1905 copy

my favourite Pinocchio since I was here 2 years ago! the cutest installation here IMO.

IMG_1906 copy

map of Nami Island. so beautifully made. love the designers here. or whoever who made them U_U.

IMG_1909 copy

don’t know what’s this but it resembles China so…

IMG_1910 copy

THE CERAMIC GALLERY!! I got so excited as soon as I saw this. well, I do pottery. please come here earlier so you can…

IMG_1911 copy

MAKE YOUR OWN PRODUCT! I guarantee you its fun. for about 8,000won.

IMG_1914 copy

their ceramic bowls are made so pretty even though not balanced. perfection from imperfection! if you get what I mean D=.

IMG_1916 copy

there’s a potters wheel but I don’t think we could throw here =S.

IMG_1918 copy

fulamak 10,000won for one tiny ceramic handphone accessory. but it’s so cute. SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE. worth it! U_U.

IMG_1919 copy

when you melt the soju bottle……

IMG_1922 copy

more ceramic goods. ALL SO CUTE AHHHHHHH!!

IMG_1924 copy

snowman earrings! expensiveeeeeee D=.

IMG_1925 copy

more snowman goods.


but it’s pretty weird how there’s a snowman in Summer ahhahaha.

IMG_1931 copy

and coincidentally I bumped into my schoolmates! out of all days, all times, so many people, we met in a place 2 hours away from Seoul. now this is what I call coincidence!

IMG_1936 copy

so prettily decorated though it’s just scribbles =D.

IMG_1937 copy


IMG_1938 copy

was actually next to the the Namimaid (like the mermaid, just a naked lady by the shore. haha) but Martha thought it was nothing special so we just focused on mother nature! =3. speaking of which, I just noticed I hadn’t even finished my Nami blog post previously D=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have tonnes of pictures I’ve yet to upload from my trip 2 years ago!  but this post is complete don’t worry =D.

IMG_1941 copy

even cuter snowmans! I shall wait till the snow comes and I shall make something similar RAWR!!!

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Da Feng
Da Feng
11 years ago

Malaysia Boleh!

Sook kuan
Sook kuan
11 years ago

I like your shoes! =D

11 years ago

Hi jamie!! I had so much fun with you also. I just got back in the states and i miss korea already T.T i miss the food!! Yummy~

11 years ago

I dont know ur blog’s problem or my pc’s problem, a lot of unrelated pics.

10 years ago

Hi Jamie,

My name is Angela, I been reading your blog been a while, however my first time leaving you a message. I’m planning my trip during August and I would like to ask you for advice, which are the better day to visit Nami Island, other then avoiding Tuesday which you mentioned in your blog?

Thank You.

10 years ago

Hello, why should Tuesday be avoided?