14th and 15th of May is where you’d find people walking around with bouquets of flowers. or at least a stalk of it. so if you’re single on the 14th you might just wanna hide at home as here in Seoul, almost all attached girls would be walking around proudly with their beautiful roses.

but to me, rose day is just another day for them to make money as the prices will jack up. it costs like 35,000won for a bouquet of flowers sold in THE SCHOOL. mm hmm. actually I’m not sure if flowers are really just that expensive haha. but during the last day of class with our previous teacher(you change your teacher every half a term) we shared among 12 of us for 2 bouquet and it costs about 40,000won.


beautiful bouquets of flowers selling at the tunnel outside the main gate of my Uni. they are so pretty T_T. I’ve always dream of these type of beautiful bouquet of red roses clumped up together and wrapped with a simple brown paper wrap (because it’s rare in Malaysia, and abundant here! don’t know why but most bouquets in Malaysia are really ugly yet expensive.) but I guess I would be equally as happy if I get an angpau with the same amount of money used for the bouquet of roses. haha.

and today, we saw students buying flowers and still didn’t understand the occasion until Tom (my classmate) gave our teacher a bar of choco and said “Happy Teachers Day” where I embarrassingly corrected him “it’s tomorrow!” to know that teachers day is actually different in every country. in Malaysia it’s May 16th =S. it’s May 15th here because it’s King Sejong’s Birthday and since he is the founder of Hangeul (Korean writing) so he is like the master mentor or all education in Korea.

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Da Feng
Da Feng
9 years ago

I suggest that you can work as florist shop owner and sell beautiful and reasonable bouquets.

Kok Poh
Kok Poh
9 years ago

Hmmm very knowledgable post @.@ that’s very rare of you Jamie lol

8 years ago

Dear Jamie, I am an American, and I have a Korean girlfriend, the love of my life, and all you Korean missed out she’s mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to know if you can help I want to send her 3 dozen roses for rose day. Please help me. Thank you very much. p.s. Is there anything I can do for on rose day that is traditional? Randy