okay so it’s not really such an offensive thing but more for the fun of it. Korea Univ have a song for their own too just to diss Yonseians. hahaha.

I thought it would be fun to share how much effort they put in and also how fun it is for just singing along to the song!

so you can download the song here : [다운로드]

it’s from the main Akaraka website. the lyrics.

I would like to call it the “고대 못생겼어” by 연대 아카라카 song. since I have no idea what the title is haha. (okay checked, apparently its named “woo” hahaha.)

A) 자 이제 우리가 너희들을 깐다 여기 저기
ja-i-je woo-ri neo-huei-deu-reul ggan-da~ yeo-gi jeo-gi~
자 이제 우리가 너희들을 깐다 여기 저기
ja-i-je woo-ri neo-huei-deu-reul ggan-da~ yeo-gi jeo-gi~
자 이제 우리가 너희들을 깐다 여기 저기
ja-i-je woo-ri neo-huei-deu-reul ggan-da~ yeo-gi jeo-gi~

B) 고대 못생겼어 일단 못생겼어
ko-dae mot-saeng-gyeosseo il-dan mot-saeng-gyeosseo
그냥 못생겼어 고대 Shake it
geu-nyang mot-saeng-gyeosseo
고대 못생겼어 아직 못생겼어
ko-dae mot-saeng-gyeosseo a-jik mot-saeng-gyeosseo
계속 못생겼어 고대 Shake it
gye-suk mot-saeng-gyeosseo ko-dae Shake it!

C) 이대한테 차이고 숙대한테 차이고
e-dae-han-te cha-i-go suk-dae-han-te cha-i-go
여기저기 차이고 차이고 또 차이고
yeo-gi jeo-gi cha-i-go ddo cha-i-go

구성) 전주 – A – B – C – 간주 – A – B – C

basically the whole song is about how ugly Korea Univ (Ko Dae) is. very funny song hence I would like to share it out =P. the chorus sings :

Ko Dae is ugly, the most ugly,
just ugly, Ko Dae SHAKE IT!
Ko Dae is ugly, still ugly,
continuously ugly, Ko Dae SHAKE IT!”

it’s really really not a rivalry thing. just that they have fun in this way. Korea Univ students come here just to sing songs to diss Yonseians too haha. it’s fun how after Akaraka end Korea Univ students gather outside the theater and sing REALLY loud while stomping their way out of the school while some Yonseians would just sing that song above to counter back. =P.

can’t wait to tell you my Akaraka experience! was indeed super tiring though.


this is how the main building was like yesterday. haha. all Yonseians are in Sapphire Blue while Korea Univ students are all in bright Red! funny how out of the ocean of people in blue in the theater you can find a patch of red here and there hahaha.

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12 years ago

haha! it seems like university rivalry is in every country. we also have that in our country most especially during inter-collegiate games although there are no songs to diss the opposing university.

Funny that I’ve been both to Yonsei and Korea University before and I’m amazed by how beautiful their campuses are. I just need to visit Seoul National University and I would have completed the SKY universities.

12 years ago

hi jamie,

i am going to busan on july 25. it takes 2-3 hours via KTX (costs 80,200KRW for first class) i leave early in seoul in the morning and stay there at night then come back the next day maybe in the afternoon. I just want to see the beach and. let me know if you want to come so we can share the cost of the hotel? just let me know. otherwise, i can just go by myself. it’s fine with me too. i just thought maybe u are interested.

12 years ago

hi, what is the gpa requirement to enter yonsei university? I am almost done with my TOPIK level 5 and was thinking of enrolling there as an international student. However my gpa is rather low around 2.5 only. I’m a malaysian studying in singapore 😀 Are there instances where after studying at yonsei KLI, you dont get admitted to Yonsei uni?