there is nothing Malaysians love more than FREE STUFF! we might be horrible cheapskates but it’s just such a wonderful feeling when you receive food for free.

in conjunction with Secret Recipe’s 15TH Anniversary!

but unfortunately you hungry people will have to wait for another 2 weeks as the promotion will be valid from now – 25 March. but it’ll go on for 15 days!


Secret Recipe has been with us for so long now, that it has became a local classic. having more than 210 outlets in Malaysia, they have now also expanded to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, China and Australia!

IMG_5853 copy

see what a glutton I am having 4 cakes with 4 drinks? okay just kidding I brought my sister and her best friend, William along. =D. but that Appletizer drink is soooo good. we also ordered Choc Ice Blended, Fruit Punch, and an Orange Apricot =D. my sister love the Choc Ice Blended the most while I gulped all that of the Appletizer =3. I shared the Orange Apricot wit my sister too!

one thing about Secret Recipe is the ambience. it’s a casual dining place for the urban family, fashionistas to the working adults. it suits everybody! and for all occasions =P.

IMG_5881 copy

there was only 3 of us and we cannot cope up with more than 2 starters. but oh was the mushroom soup tasty. the minestrone one is good as well!

actually, one of the reasons why I love Secret Recipe is for their variety in food. it’s like. whether you’re craving for western and your friend’s craving for Asian, you can have it all at the same place!

IMG_5858 copy

the other 2 glutton. hehehehe.

IMG_5860 copy

I will not lie. the biggest glutton is me.

IMG_5872 copy

so this is how the Buy 3 Free 1 works.

you can choose 3 of anything from each category : Starters (including side order, salad and soup), Main Meals (basically everything that fills you including kid’s club!), Beverages and Desserts (cakes, pies, brownies and ice cream).

so you need to buy 3 slices of cake in order to get a free slice of cake. you cannot buy a drink, a starter, a mainmeal then get the cake for free. you CANNOT. it must all be in the same category! =D.

and don’t worry, the promotion is ALL DAY LONG! so you can just pop in any time you want and order 3 cakes or something and get 1 free! hehehe. the only thing is you must come in 3/4pax. but the freebies can be either dine-in or take-away.

IMG_5876 copy

see? just dine in 3 person and get another 1 for FREE!

IMG_5870 copy

also, they opened a contest for all bloggers/photographers! just snap a creative picture of your food/dining group at Secret Recipe to showcase the Buy 3 Free 1 promotion, post your picture on your blog/facebook. copy the link and send it in to! deadlines until 20th March!

you can submit many entries but one entry = one picture = one email. get it? =D. just make sure your entry have the following info :

– Name
– Picture and Caption
– Blog/Facebook link of the posted picture =D.

shortlisted entries will be posted on the Secret Recipe Malaysia Facebook Wall between 8-20 March! results will be announced on 26th March 2012 on their facebook wall!

1st prize – RM300 dining voucher
2nd prize – RM200 dining voucher
3rd prize – RM100 dining voucher

simple and easy! so just try your luck =D.

lets see what we all had yesterday…

IMG_5882 copy

my friend’s chicken. looks awesome but I didn’t try hahaha.

IMG_5891 copy

Spaghetti Aglio Olio. I’ve always liked Aglio Olios because they are spicy most of the time and is also the lightest. light = less sinful!

IMG_5885 copy

my sister’s Lasagne. we were all sticking our forks to it because it’s an all times favourite. almost every time we dine in at Secret Recipe, we’ll have a Lasagne. =3. you can eat the excess meat chunks with the bread!

IMG_5880 copy

and the heaviest, most sinful but also the tastiest SPAGHETTI CARBONARA WITH BEEF STRIPS! I like how good the cheese taste on it. it’s absolutely sinful, and therefore this is mine. everybody told me to eat as much as I want before I leave to Korea because I’ll miss food in Malaysian when I’m there. =S.

if you’ve not visited Secret Recipe for some time, you might’ve not heard about this Carbonara pasta and also the Aglio Olio because it’s part of the new menu! so really, just go check it out. such a good deal anyway!

IMG_5844 copy

over 40 types of cakes and here’s our choice of luxurious indulgence =3. they are no doubt the most famous cake outlet in Malaysia as they maintain their quality by importing the best ingredients!

IMG_5877 copy

a creative shot. when I was taking this picture I brought a lot of laughter to the crowd. because.

my hair kept falling from my shoulders and I have to keep pushing it back. but it falls again. think of me repeating this for maybe 5 times. mmhmm.

IMG_5868 copy

I think this is quite new because I’ve never seen it in the menu before. it’s the Creme Brulee Cake! tastes.. like Creme Brulee? but in cake form ahhaha. so it’s not as jelly-ish. =D. it’s really good and it’s the first cake we finished hahaha.

IMG_5867 copy

and my favourite cake from Secret Recipe. the MUD CAKE. must be eat chilled because the creme will melt easily! and that’s how it’s amazing. because it melts in your mouth.

IMG_5864 copy

DURIAN DURIAN! they have another cake called Durian Cheese which I remember myself having it on take away once every week so this time I ordered this instead. it’s not as rich as the other one because of the sponges in between but it’s less sinful =3.

IMG_5869 copy

OREO CHEESE! I had this cake on my 16th Birthday and everybody loved it. who doesn’t like Oreos. and cheese.

IMG_5894 copy

the Nuffnang bloggers of Group B!

IMG_5897 copy

me and Jane!

we both have silly comments whenever we see each other. I always tell her it’s very stressful standing next to her because she’s one of the most beautiful bloggers in Malaysia and she’d keep saying my hair is very long when hers is only 2 inch shorter. HAHAHAH.


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9 years ago

wow.. that a great deal for all

9 years ago

I’m just wondering whether it’s available for take-away too?

9 years ago

hi jamie may i know is this available during the weekends too ? 🙂 and may i know which skincare line product do you use ? =D

Nostalgia Ninja
9 years ago

Oh my… So much food to choose from… Looks so delicious too… Pity I can’t go overseas yet, I have to finish my college course first.

Marilyn Chong
Marilyn Chong
9 years ago

On Sunday 18th March 2012, four of us went to dine at Secret Recipes outlet in Johor Bahru Jusco Tebrau City. But have to pay full amount for 4 meals because according to them this promotion is not valid on Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s so ironic that the promotion period is from Saturday to Sunday.