Miss Vain Pot.

Yee Cow’s tactic, shoot at a low shutter speed = smoother skin. =P. *but there’s no need to worry now, with FOLLOW ME!*

the FOLLOW ME Oil Control +Whitening set! which is really suitable for me. because.. I always complain that my skin is dull and tan *coughs* it is just that I just recovered from food poisoning so I look a little more pale now =/. and the thing about most whitening products is that, it doesn’t control my pimples, so my products were all anti-blemish products but this one is just what I need!

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Moisturiser

4. hehehee, ME!

5. Pimple Gel

6. Blackhead remover

just cleanse, tone, moist like your normal daily washup routine. =D.

this is the BLACKHEAD REMOVER! I love this one a lot really!

*my fingers look a little alien here =O.*

you are supposed to rub it all over the areas with blackheads like the T-zone, Chin, and for me, cheeks too. T_T tsk tsk how many people have blackheads on their cheeks? unfortunate me. =((.

and just rub rub rub

*okay now my fingers look kind of short here*

and you’d feel the thin layer of dead skin peeling off. it feels VERY VERY GOOD. very clean. and it is very effective for me. I used to use one from another brand that gives me the exact same result, but that one is A LOT more expensive. SO, good deal or not?!

and also to those who always say that I have good skin, actually I don’t, especially now during the exam period.


my skin is rather blemished =/. I have very sensitive skin so actually after some scrubbing it will become kind of red. T_T. so you understand why I don’t like people touching my face now? SENSITIVE AR!

EW look how dirty my face the environment is!

then continue with cleansing, toning, moisturising and of course, applying the PIMPLE GEL (before mosturiser)!

another thing I love about this product is that it smells very good even though it is Fragrance FREE. and this is the pimple gel. it’s green!

TADA! this should be your result. a clean face. a happy clean face =P. and after a few days of using it now, I noticed that I am really fairer (and smoother teehee), you can er.. ask my schoolmates if you don’t believe me =D.

and that’s my favourite emoticon in MSN, I love imitating it. =D!

=D. and when you top up with some BB Cream it’ll look somewhat like this.

very very very vain.

and being a very very very vain person like me, you should join this vain pot contest that I am joining too =P.

okay I actually like this picture but unfortunately my face couldn’t be seen.

so, this picture is for the “Funny Foto” contest. =D. teehee.

and no it isn’t a contest just for bloggers. YOU can join too!

here’s how.

*click to enlarge, or go to www.tohtonku.com.my for more info about the contest.

it also comes in a small travel pack. <3. I know you hate it too, to bring those big bottles of skincare. =P.

last time I brought a big bottle of cleanser to Genting and it kept blurting out, so much was wasted T_T

also, Happy 21st Birthday bro lobster bro!

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12 years ago

Hey Jamie, do you know if this product contains hydroquinone? Please tell me soon!

gwenneolean goh
11 years ago

Whoa, I think I should try the blackhead remover. I have blackhead on my cheek too. I like the cleanser.