sorry to potong your steam, but, I have to say, ALEXIS BISTRO IS WONDERFUL. I couldn’t deny that the price is even more attractive than the list of food you’d find on the menu. BUT, you MUST try their clam chowder it’s so good T__T. it’s like.. bliss. their mushroom soup is equally as nice too! and as for their main courses, I’ve only tried their soft shell crab soba and some chicken sandwich. sandwich’s AWESOMELY CHEEZY! which is a very good thing. but soba’s a little too… not jappy? but overall, it’s bloody fabulous.

Clam Chowder and Hot Chocolate.

been dying to try their food and yeah, finally, and it is not disappointing at all =D.

ok so my PROM!


really good. for those who missed it, consider yourself unlucky or ashamed because it rocks <3.

the theme of my prom. means gathering under the moon. didn’t really notice the moon that night though.

and hey! that is my fabulous prom date and my not so fabulous prom dress! at least it’s err, sweet =D.

look at the pretty deco! ehehehe of course because..  I helped out in choosing the colours  for the tables *clears throat* =D! and the flowers. =D =D!

I heard that many hotel served incredulously inedible food for prom but yeah it is always best to pull down your hopes. by expecting less, I got the surprise of my life, THERE ARE YUMMY DURIAN CAKE IN MY PROM! YAYS. I love durian. =D. boo you for those who hate durian!

I bet you are wondering already, WHO IS THIS HOT GUY. so let me dig some history out. he is one of the very few friends I’ve known before entering secondary school, aka a childhood friend, aka Victor. and one of the closest person to me. smart, nice, HANDSOME and most importantly, SINGLE! =D. but sorry to break your hopes girls, he don’t live in Malaysia =P.

camwhoring is infectious. look, he is very good in it already!

my piece of art. HAHAHA, not only that he is my son in ragnarok online but I also created something. try to notice teehee.

psst, ain’t he good looking? =D. but this guy here hates his looks so much that he doesn’t even want to post his own picture in facebook >___>”. and yes, it’s for this reason. POSITIVE.

Yap Jin Jin is the best writer I’ve known. =D. she should publish her own book. really!

okay fine the truth is I like how I look in this picture. ahhahaa. okay no more one on one pictures it’ll bore you like mad.

GAMES! we were supposed to get fed by our prom date. a full glass of punch. I am the worst. I couldn’t understand how can some people drink in 3 seconds!

guess the game! okay, it’s limbo alright. everybody knows this game!  probably the most fun game a prom could have that involves EVERYBODY!

miaovin. who sweats on the shoulder. and mind you, he didn’t sweat even a bit on the armpits =X. weird but somehow cool. I am thinking the X files. are you? o.0.

that pose reminds me of.. Elvis Presley. =D. very cute. <3. POTGH is really fab.

the great prom committee. don’t get me wrong I am not. but I just helped a little =D. but yeah, they’re great for making this happen! <3.

PS : didn’t know being a Santarina could be so tiring. kids are hard to please. period.

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Yi Han
14 years ago

Hey there! You look pretty in your dress.
And nice blog too 🙂