HURRAY! long awaited post *ahems*. so last friday I got my sister and her friends to accompany me to Quattro. it was a great night with great super great performers and it is one of ze bestz conzertz ever! and no I am not trying to make you jealous =P.

the most luxurious invites I’ve got so far. it was a hard rectangular cardboard. very gorgeous. or you can say, chio.

Quattro is really cute for its seasonal areas and you GOT TO check out winter bar, it is like a fridge. a big pretty fridge. well I wanted to go take a picture of it but unfortunately I was greeted by this charming KDU guy telling me that there is another function. I repeat, A VERY CHARMING GUY. LITERALLY very charming. I think he is korean too <3.

my mom got so hyped up when she saw this picture. she said that I look very nice in this picture. T__T. and yeah, me, with my face facing downwards and people who have only seen this picture will definitely not recognize my upright face =/. only nice with my face not seen clearly uhhh. T_______T.

John, the guy on the left, I WANNA WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D.

my pretty sister. go on and drool.

pros on having a pretty sister : many people wants to know you.
cons on having a pretty sister : they want to know you to know more about her.

HSIAO HUNG JEN! okay I am recently in love with his voice teehee. =D. he is awesome! and that is Paul Freeman.

MY PICTURE WITH HSIAO HUNG JEN! he only speaks in mandarin and my mandarin is crap when I speak mandarin with people who are pro in mandarin =(. so our about 1 minute conversation is quite blank.

your songs are very nice!
*looks blur* xie xie, xie xie! -continues with hands together- terima kasih!
*in an unprofessional mandarin tone* ni de ge hen hao ting!
smiles widely * xie xie!
-awkward moment. I stare at him he stare at me-

I couldn’t say anything more. I am a freaking banana T_T. so yeah. we ended up by thanking each other. but I can tell, HE IS VERY VERY NICE. eventhough his album’s title is a little vulgar =D.

GRIZA! her name is so special! saying this for the 100th time. and we are on the platform, that is why those lights were so bright =P. also, the platforms about 60cm high! climbing up in heels is a little.. scary. and yes I am a little crazy =D.

LENKA! she’s so cute no? and I heard her sing LIVE and you didn’t! BOO YOU! she rock =P. (saying that because I missed Arthurs day and I love Fergie.)

me, my twin and ze girlfriend. =D. well errr, I should put lesser make up to show you that we look alike haha.

I almost look retarded here. we shall skip to the next photo no?

MARTIN JOHNSON AND BRYAN DONAHUE! initially I only liked a few songs of theirs, but after hearing most of them live, I changed my point of view. noisy(a little) songs are actually really good. I love love love their song love drunk. =P.

the best snap I had that night. =P. and guess what, I snapped it without looking into my eye piece! was really lucky. those people in front of me were so tall T_T. lucky that there were kind people that night that helped me get nearer to snap better pictures =P.

Martin’s fans must absolutely love this picture!

stupid hand!

and Bryan is so cute. I can repeat this sentance the whole day. I just didn’t like the bull nose piearcing much haha.

red carpets always make me feel very.. special? haha. =X. anyway, I am here to show you taking picture in two different angles. the first picture on the left was taken by a.. tall person on his eye’s level. and the second is taken at a lower level. can you spot the difference?

MY LEGS LOOK LONGER! =P. and I certainly DID NOT edit my legs, it REALLY looks longer! <3.

John was actually taking his revenge for us putting many tanduks on his head the last time.

moral of the story : what goes around comes around haha. do not secretly put tanduks on your friend’s head when taking a picture next time!

fooling around =P.

and camwhoring. but I really liked those beads okay!

this is what happens when they provide so much mirror.

forgive me for my laziness T_T. I am just lazy as you can see this is already my 20th picture.
-so here we have Ernest on the top right, a childhood friend of mine, as in, LITERALLY childhood, like, he knows my family before I was even born? yeah.
-then Ginny! popular hot girls needs not to be elaborated =P.
-Yatz! I heard he just cut his hair =O. go stalk his blog.
-on bottom left we have Alex-pro-camera.
-then Joshua the famous
-and last but not least, Marcie! the o2mo/o2GM! =D.

love curls =D. but they make me look.. old. =/.

haha pity John, the cameraman’s fault for not seeing you. *pats*.

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14 years ago

Oooh i like your dress. U and ur sis is two HOT chics
Nice meeting you again 🙂