HI ALL!!!! I just returned from my 3 days trip in Genting. and one of the things I would like to share (and have never thought of. since I didn’t bring my DSLR) about is the DORAEMON EVENT!!! I read Doraemon SOMETIMES. but my sister is the BIGGEST FAN ON EARTH. she went into the Doraemon gallery and started to explain what is for what. like a walking encyclopedia.

DSC01303 copy

it costs RM35 and runs from 10am-10pm. the thing is, it’s quite expensive. but in return, you get a LIMITED EDITION TOUCH AND GO!!! with RM5 innit.

DSC01305 copy

it’s located at the Arena of Stars, by the way!

DSC01306 copy

THIS IS THE TOUCH AND GO CARD!!! so super very cute. the entrance fee is not so bad because this touch and go card already cost RM10 plus the RM5 inside. and since it’s limited edition and specially printed, another RM10. so basically you’re paying RM25 for the touch and go and RM10 for the Doraemon town, gallery and carnival.


I guess that little touch and go card above isn’t too clear so here’s the REAL Doraemon Touch N Go card! it’s actually in a much lighter blue! (the most beautiful blue, the doraemon blue!) phone setting problem, sorry!

it starts off with a tour around Doraemon’s Town. by an actual tour guide. haha.

DSC01319 copy

first stop, the comic room!! tells you all about the characters in Doraemon

DSC01318 copy

I don’t know why but I’ve always liked Suneo eventhough he is a scardie cat hahaha. he looks the least dumb I guess haha. Nobita’s dumbness level can make me yell “WHY IS HE SO STUPID” out loud in front of strangers pfft.

DSC01317 copy

good thing is you get to be in the comics as well hehehehhee.

DSC01324 copy

SECOND!!!! NOBITA’S ROOM!!! everything look so familiar hahahah. and these are all imported from Japan =D.

DSC01326 copy

why this Dorami haz no ears too? Doraemon’s one got eaten by rats so what about hers?!

DSC01330 copy

next, Nobita’s living/dining room! and I like that shoe rack. so Japanese *Japanese fever shall come back soon!*

DSC01336 copy

and finally, SUNEO’S HOME!!! it is quite scary that the mannequins are so huge when they are supposed to be.. kids.

DSC01346 copy

and the last stop for the tour!!! THE TIME TRAVELLING MACHINE ROOM! only bad thing about these rooms are that they transfer you after.. 3minutes? so you basically don’t have a lot of time spent in each room. and dear photographers, IT’S VERY DIM INSIDE THERE. plus you can’t do ceiling bounce because there’s no ceiling for most rooms!

DSC01354 copy

after the tour you can choose t take a picture with Doraemon and everyone but you’ll have to buy the picture. for a kiamz person like me. no thanks.

DSC01426 copy

from here onwards, you don’t need to follow the “tour”. you’re free to go and there are a lot of “buildings” and characters to take picture with =D.

DSC01358 copy

funny how Nobita’s mom is much taller than his dad hehehehe.

DSC01376 copy

this Doriyaki is said to be very delicious. the Doriyaki is available in Red Bean, Durian and Chocolate&Biscuit. RM10 for one. and oh!! everything inside works with Touch N’ Go. so you better reload it if you wanna spend money inside =D.

DSC01350 copy

my two favourite characters! other than Doraemon that is. hahaha. very obvious isn’t it =P.

DSC01362 copy

I tried to take pictures of evrey one of it already =D. and that’s my sister in front of the school. everyone’s looking at her from the window!

DSC01343 copy

the magic door!

DSC01384 copy

I’m supposed to be a monster. hahaha. I fit the role as Ju On yes? heheeheh.

DSC01381 copy

a kiss to Doraemon before I leave Doraemon Town!!!

DSC01385 copy


so, at the Gallery, there are all the equipments Doraemon have used and some extra.

DSC01417 copy

lake lady (the woman you should always be honest to!) and time machine!!!

according to my sister, that lady will come out if you drop something into the river(or pond? she just said water pfft) and then she will give you something better to test your honesty and if you can resist temptation and will insist on giving it to you hahaha.

DSC01406 copy

don’t know what these 4 are. but that blue tub is the Skinkai Cream and the Y shaped thing is Yro.

DSC01418 copy

snail, time cloack where you put something broken in it and it will time travel to when it’s not broken!, the memory bread that will make you remember on whatever you slap it on and don’t know what is the camera for but it’s called Noroi no Camera

DSC01400 copy

DSC01414 copy

DSC01415 copy

THE FAMOUS TAKE-COPTER!!! okay so far this is the one I’m most familiar with hahah.

DSC01393 copy

Kamisama Robot and the Dokodemo Door.

the old man who trains you kung fu and of course.. the famous magic door that brings you where ever you want to go!!

DSC01389 copy

mini doraemon and the tunnel where you go in big and get out tiny. there’s a big one at the entrace to Doraemon Town!

DSC01401 copy

SKAN TAKO!!!! the cupid’s arrow (wth without sharp head) and the weather changer.

DSC01420 copy


DSC01433 copy

at the Carnival. a lot of food and games! and the best is that Touch N Go self-custimizing shop. so awesome. you can put your own picture!!

DSC01429 copy

here’s a picture of how it looks like.


57 thoughts on “Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting!

  1. Jamie Liew says:

    thank you! please continue reading! I really hope you find my blog posts interesting! I always hope that people know something new from reading my blog so have you? ^^.


    No$talgia Ninja Reply:

    Yes I have, thank you very much. Because I am interested in going to the Asian contenent, I love to hear from people inside of such countries (Malaysia, China, Japan) and would love to go there, since I’m South African.


  2. Spiglet says:

    Hi, I just came across your blog and I would like to ask if you know when will the event end ?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    already ended. =(. longggggg ago..


  3. abbas hussain says:

    where this doraemon world took place and will it be again


  4. jaclyn says:

    May I know do you still have the touch n go card for sell?
    I want to buy this.
    Thanks, hope to hear a good news soon…


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    sorry I only have one =(.


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