hello all! I bet everyone knows Cheeserland who recently won the Best Fashion Blog!

IMG_4941 copy

that is a pink pig from angry birds you’re looking at. that’s right. A PINK FLOWERY ANGRY BIRD!

you can read her version of post in her blog but here’s a little of what I took with my camera! =D.

but because we were all busy filming T_T we didn’t have too much time to take pictures. =(.

IMG_4940 copy

I was one of the earliest so I got my hair and make up done first! I guess it’s really my first time having my make up done by professionals. but maybe because I haven’t found the right type of make up/haven’t gotten use to the make up yet I felt I look a little weird hahaha.

IMG_4935 copy

this is Ginny! she was in the Hada Labo advertisement! not the one now but she was one of the Hada Labo girls!

IMG_4943 copy

and there goes.. camwhoring non stop =D.

IMG_4944 copy

Cheesie and Jin Yen!

IMG_4954 copy

Ginny always pose with that serious face so I thought I’d imitate her for once hehe.

IMG_4968 copy

Cheesie and her favourite Pastel coloured lolli =D. I really wanted to try the lolli but am too afraid of getting any fatter U______U. so it’s still now in my room for decoration haha.

IMG_4970 copy

Jin Yen have the hugest eyes I’ve ever seen. literally the hugest. we compared our eyes. I had RING CONTACTS ON but there wasn’t much difference between our iris’.

IMG_4964 copy

I really like Ginny’s hair! so Victoria Secret. right?

IMG_4994 copy

being photobombed hahaha.

IMG_4982 copy


IMG_4976 copy


IMG_4996 copy


I rarely have any posts where I camwhore a lot with just myself no?

IMG_5042 copy

then we had our bright lipstick on alongside with bunny ears!

IMG_5007 copy

mr hairstylist said that just to finish my hair, he can finish the other 4 girl’s hair already. U_U. my hair was the biggest challenge. I came back pulling out around 30 hairpins that he used to make my hair LOOK shorter.

IMG_5047 copy

the famous Henry Golding and us! he is realllly good looking eventhough I do not fancy guys from the west but yesss, really good looking!

(I personally prefer oriental looking guys and Ginny would call me bad taste pfft.)

IMG_5056 copy

notice how my hair is shorter than usual? final picture with Ringo before we all had to drive home in an exhausted state. but it was a really fun experience!

an here’s some pictures from Ringo!

her iPhone has some really awesome app!! that’s Shannon in green! =D.

silly faces hahahaha. and NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THAT EYEBROW THING!!

all of us with Ringo, the host =D.

okay! see you next time. hahaha.

to be honest I am very reluctant to show you this video because it’s really my first time on videos and I’m toooooo myself. as in, I smile stupidly everytime and laugh a lot pfft. but since it’s already on Cheeserland.com and everyone have seen it. I shall post it here too =S.


PS : do me a favour by voting for Cheesie pleaseeee? =D. here. http://www.sloggigirlsnight.com/


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Da Feng
Da Feng
12 years ago

I can’t recognize you on cheeserland blog at first time. I already recognize you when I surf her blog again. Make up by professional makes you look quite different than you have make up yourself. I thought that you were another person. You look so pretty. 🙂

Da Feng
Da Feng
12 years ago

hahaha. you disagree. so, i have nothing to say. hahaha. same as you thought 🙂