first time waxxxing!

for a girl as conservative as myself, (yes I probably don’t look like it T_T) I actually found it difficult to like, perhaps expose myself to others. going to the sauna in Korea naked was the most daring thing I did. but as soon as I stripped, the bathing place closed. so. well. D=.
I had no knowledge on waxing because I’ve always portrayed it to be a “painful” experience. and the worst is, if you wax the more “shyshy” areas you’d probably feel awkward. Mandy asked me if I would like to try it a while ago and I thought, why not? I’ll have to grow up someday. *sniff*

IMG_1599, located at the Aman Suria’s shoplots (alliance bank on the left side, a few shops away) sure does have many car parks available. it wasn’t difficult to find as it’s actually facing the main road! Continue reading “first time waxxxing!”

A different color for the same design.

for nail art demo I posted a few days ago, you can actually try a different color. If you noticed, this one has additional butterflies too! ain’t it gorgeous? This one is what I’ve done for myself :

Base color : Elianto 33 Blooming Pink Pearl
Sponge art color : Elianto 58 Cocoa
Flower stamp : Konad special nail polish in white
Butterfly stamp : Konad special nail polish in dark purple

konad nail design

purple konad nail design

Konad Nail Art + Sponge Art.

hey people! ever heard of Konad? you really gotta try, one day I was surfing the net and I found these really pretty nail art stuff. I am not sure if I leave anything out in this tutorial but I hope you’d find it useful =D.

wanna learn how to do? but first, you gotta have the stuff, not many, just a few. (just a little from what I know, kind of satisfies me, don’t know about you, and I am not an expert =X.)

Stuff: nail file, nail scraper, 2 nail polish of your choice, base coat, faux diamond.
Konad stuff: special polish of your choice, image plate, plate scraper, stamper.


STEP TWO: SCRAPE AWAY ACCESS SKIN ON NAIL *to make nail polish last longer* Continue reading “Konad Nail Art + Sponge Art.”