so when I was in Malaysia, I literally went out everyday with different people until my grandma started nagging at me. for being out more than being home. and I gained 6kgs. I’m not sure how much I lost since I’ve been back to Korea, but probably around 2-3kgs. and it has been 10 days. I need to lose more weight T_T.

Malaysia was hot. when I first got back it was actually pretty cooling and I actually felt cold at night.

CIMG7869 copy

so yeah, Malaysia truly Asia for you =D. the Petronas Twin Towers =3. probably the most attractive building in Malaysia. wait. no. it IS the most attractive building. standing up at 88stories, built by Koreans and Japanese people, this building is the tallest twin towers in the world. not the tallest tower but tallest twin towers.

CIMG7397 copy

and met up with my favourite Eonni’s! <3. Ginny, Vivien and Natalie <3 <3 <3. everyone speaks Korean except Gin teehee.

CIMG7402 copy

and I ate like a bloody glutton.

CIMG7482 copy

my popular cousin. just so you know that she’s my baby cousin. so don’t mess with her!

CIMG7571 copy

and Malacca.

CIMG7574 copy

we saw captain amee.. what???? D=.

CIMG7602 copy

I was having a bad stomach cramp. hence the pale face ><.

CIMG7698 copy

watched Asia’s Next Top Model and they took a picture here so I tried to be a “model” here too. =D.

CIMG7710 copy

batu caves. you gotta climb up to the top for this spectacular view. I wore a dress =(.

CIMG7756 copy

it was dark inside. but still, pretty caves! =3. blur Jamie.

CIMG7781 copy

mom called me a pervert for taking this picture. I can’t deny. but you can’t deny that it is funny too!

CIMG7787 copy

got asked to take pictures with these two lovely Iranian ladies ^^. I guess I look very Malaysian after all.

CIMG7802 copy

we also went to Lafite, Shangri-la for some dessert. the starter was amazing. love cream cheese.

CIMG7807 copy

oysters and caviar. this plate of art cost so much T_T.

CIMG7824 copy

and the true plate of art. it wasn’t super delicious or anything but looking at it makes me feel happy. the berry ice cream was wayyyyyy too sour though.

CIMG7825 copy

molten lava was amazing though. highly recommended!

CIMG7833 copy

my cute best friend ^^.

CIMG7899 copy

went to my best friends house for Chinese New Year. so good to meet up with my best friends again T_T. hadn’t contacted them much in the past 2 years. we were all busy T_T.

CIMG7906 copy

there’s a posh Tous Les Jours in KL! even better than the one in Seoul. cheaper too. how in the hell.

CIMG7933 copy

the girl I grew up with. the girl I had never fought with. and the girl who truly cares T_T.

CIMG7938 copy

the thing about Seoul is that they do not have Victoria’s Secret here.

CIMG7940 copy

Ikan Kembong near Jeremy’s house! the best kembong thai fish ever. and so cheap. yum. @ restaurant good friends, Sri Petaling.

CIMG7954 copy

Jeremy. or Jelahmeh. or my best friend. or my twin brother. we look alike. it’s true.

he’s the radio DJ for.. I forgot what show it is called but its 10-2pm on RedFM =D. listen to him!

CIMG7957 copy

say hi to the rising Malaysian magician Eric Chee! ^^.

CIMG7958 copy

glorious thai food at ThaiExpress @ Gardens. they serve the BEST clearsoup tom yum. I’m bloody hungry now. WHY DID I NOT BRING TOMYUM CURRY TO SEOUL?! silly silly me T_T. but what we ordered was simply the best. love those glass noodles too.

CIMG6842 copy

another long time friend, Joseph. it feels like everybody is rising to the top in Malaysia while I’m still.. a nobody. T___T. I’m happy for them but I am sad pfft.

my random post ends here and there will not be any more Malaysian posts because it is making me miss home =S. which I usually don’t thanks to Skype and Facebook but the foooood. dayum. =S.

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7 years ago

that was a lot!!! 😀 😀

7 years ago

wow, didn’t know joseph germani is your friend! when will you be back in malaysia again?

7 years ago

hey jamie. I searched germani on the net.. pictures say his way cuter now than before.. wahahahahahhahahaha