the other day the wind was blowing so hard and it later snowed. we had no where to go but into an enclosed place so we decided to go to COEX Mall. getting to Samsung Station is pretty far from the Sinchon (Hongdae, Edae) area but is close to places like Gangnam.

IMG_7044 copy

this is not COEX hahah. it’s actually the huge installation art outside U-Plex.

IMG_7048 copy

and this is the reason why I call it THE MIRROR. because many people tend to look at themselves on it when waiting for friends and they also camwhore a lot here. haha. in groups.

IMG_7046 copy


I think that’s the purpose of the mirror. really.

IMG_6997 copy

and we arrived at COEX. if you are going to COEX for the first time, do not doubt where you are going. just follow the signs and you won’t be wrong =D.

the clothes here are nicely displayed, usually very expensive but it is not like you can’t find anything reasonably priced but you might see similar stuff in Edae too =D.

IMG_6998 copy

popcorns in paper cups! not that worth it actually imagine how little popcorn can such a small cup put =S.

IMG_6992 copy

this is le famous COEX mall foodcourt which links it to another mall.

IMG_6994 copy

well I guess it’s famous because it has water displays around =D.

IMG_6995 copy

and glass flooring.

there is actually some cupid looking statue with a pot on it’s hand and people will try throwing coins into it haha.

IMG_6999 copy

this Sweet Space is absolutely awesome. I found familiar sweets that are also sold in Malaysia to only know that they are all actually made in Indonesia. hahaha. but still!

IMG_7000 copy

Korean Fashion for you? they kind of like drapy clothes rather than the tight body hugging ones actually.

IMG_7002 copy

absolutely weird to see Titanic with no english words on the poster.

IMG_7012 copy

hello kids. starcraft in 3D anyone? and yesssss, you can play star craft IN THE PUBLIC!

IMG_7013 copy

there are 4 of these glasses booth.

IMG_7015 copy

for everyone to see how amazing 3D TV’s are.

I am so amazed. because I hated 3D. those glasses are not only heavy, they gave me a headache too! I hateeeeeee watching 3D movies in the cinema. but, to my surprise the Korean glasses are made so light you won’t feel its weight at all and their 3D is so perfect, you feel like standing there for a very long time just to admire the awesome technology of 3D.

in my opinion, this is a MUST DO activity when you’re at COEX hahaha seriously, I’ve never been so fascinated by 3D. it’s not only 3D actually.. it’s kind of like HD + 3D. awesome shizzzz.

IMG_7016 copy

now you won’t need to buy your kids colour pencils or crayons because all they need is a touch screen monitor to draw whatever they want and then save it.

IMG_7020 copy

watching a movie here costs 9,000won per person. wahcowwwwwwwwww. friggin’ expensive. almost x3 the price of Malaysia. =S.

IMG_7023 copy

took the picture because I thought that this poster is really sexy D=. that dress is so awesome. though all my friends should know I am a little too shy to wear anything like that.

IMG_7024 copy

actually this drawing is super cute. buttttttttt. =S. sigh I snapped too fast and thought it was okay haha. there was a professional cartoonist drawing earlier so I guess maybe this is one of her art as well D=.

IMG_7026 copy

a must come place but it costs a lot. like 17,000won+++?

IMG_7027 copy

돈부리 or Donburi is a famous dish in Korea. and this particular Donburi shop ALWAYS have a queue. apparently it’s super delicious and all. will give it a try one day!

IMG_7030 copy

using my watermark to cover my frizzy hair =P =P =P.

IMG_7031 copy

and the outside of COEX. also, if you do not know yet, COEX is the largest UNDERGROUND shopping mall in whole of Asia. so yeah, come here for the sake of its record. haha. there is also a Kimchi Museum if you’re interested ^^.

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9 years ago

Hi, may i know which places are popular among secondary school students/ tertiary students hang out on a daily basis?

9 years ago

Girls generation poster at StarCraft2 pic^^

9 years ago

anyeong! 3d subtitles too! 😀

9 years ago

i came across your blog while googling on places to shop/visit/eat in Seoul – thanks 🙂 very informative – will use your tips in my up coming trip in May!!

9 years ago

I love this post!!!! I can’t wait to visit the place too…

8 years ago

i went to this place too! its really awesome! 😀 i love your post alot!

8 years ago

Jamie, thanks alot for ur information, i am planning to SK this Sept 13. your web is very helpfull, detail and more beautiful with your photos.
Jamie, can Tmoney use for two persons at the same time?
hehehe…u know i mean?!

7 years ago

Hi Jamie,

Just curious what camera are you using for all of your photos?

6 years ago


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