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I think what is so different about Korean guys with other Asian guys is that, most of them have REALLY HIGH NOSES. and according to Peter, most girl’s high nose are fake. ahaha.

so not fair.

and stop. just TAKE A LOOK at Jin Young’s face; the guy in red. looking familiar?

he looks ALMOST THE SAME with Oh Ji Ho!


we’re supposed to do.. funny faces. but whatever it is, LOOK BEHIND! super cute architecture ^^. (supposed to be Aesop’s Village.) it’s a land for the kids. filled with kids ride.

IMG_9497 copy

walking down the lane, you’d see this, Flume Ride. it is actually not very different compared with any other boat ride. plus it was freezing cold and we didn’t want to get wet!


something like a maze. didn’t want to get in cause I was in heels T_T. not too exciting for me though, but I will definitely want to try this the next time I’m there.

IMG_9503 copy

so we head to the next ride, the BUMPER CAR!! well yes, of course the bumper car is the same everywhere. but it is never the same when you’re with a group of fun and playful people heh.


you get what I mean?


I’ve had ALWAYS wanted to have a ride on those things,those for people usually going up the hill to prepare to ski down. it always looked pretty exciting for me as it is open air =X. and see those European buildings? well, that is because we’re heading towards the European town! =D.

IMG_9502 copy

my another favourite shot. it was so pretty. though I’ve always though that the Ferris Wheel is a waste of time. I’d go on it if I want to waste some time =P.

IMG_9536 copy

the Parade. it was alright. all the parades look the same but this one isn’t exactly very interesting. maybe because none of the characters were familiar to me.


except this one. HAHAHAHA the pirated Mickey ehhehe. =P. but this one looks cutely evil. =X.

but the clothes are so Korean!! <3. pink and blue whee!

IMG_9538 copy

it’s actually he same picture. but with Yee Hou’s AMAZING speedlight. but the speedlight is too weird to put on in broad daylight U_U everyone was looking like as if my mom’s some pro photographer ahahha. adding a speedlight MAKES A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE.

IMG_9546 copy

rare angle! can you see those elfs!! or clowns @@. have always assumed guys in weird tights are elfs. hmm. okay I can NOT imagine Orlando Bloom with tights.

(HAHAHA this is so funny. I typed “Orlando Bloomwood” at first and then I thought it sounded weird and then I realized, I’ve been reading too much of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic, where the main character is Rebecca Bloomwood. silly, silly me. I found that I was wrong through google. I googled “Orlando Bloomwood”.)


the most beautiful errr, sculpture car? from all of it! =D.

IMG_9570 copy

I was expecting Koreans, since it is like the Disneyland in Korea. but they were all ang mohs(whites).

but I would have to say, Everland is just as good as Disneyland. or even better, in term of rides and certain stuff like.. space. I am just comparing with HK’s Disneyland. =D.


SNOW!!! foam but still.. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_9567 copy

=D. *points* there’s T-Express. that tall wooden thingy.


they got hungry and had some Bulgogi hot dogs. there were even Bulgogi HAMBURGURS in McD and Burger King. didn’t have time to try! was busy devouring the taste of real Korean Korean food that I didn’t have time for the fusions! T_T. but these Bulgogi dogs tastes damn good. Bulgogi are like, perfectly fitted with the taste of soft fragrant bread!

those “the north face” bubble jackets look so…. WARM! and it’s the most trendy thing in Korea among students now. get on the street, you’d see EVERYBODY wearing it.


being silly in a random shop.

Rudolph’s eyes suddenly.. shrink. haha. =P.

and, skinny jeans is the in thing for guys in Korea ever since ShiNee wore it. any skinny jeans for you, Malaysian guys? but I am still not getting used to it.


and then they put it on me.

but James, the fashionista (Koreans call all people who dresses up fashionably Fashionista’s.) found one that matches my clothes. and hair. pfft.

IMG_9609 copy


I mean,


IMG_9478 copy

Jin and Chul. Korean names always clash ahaha. like Jin Young and Sung Jin both have Jin in their name and how Peter and James have the same Hwan as their last name. okay, Chul is the most unique one here HAHAH. at first I couldn’t catch his name and they told me to call him “Metal” because Chul in Korean means Metal. haha!

IMG_9586 copy

guys go for what guys go for. guns. and both of them later collaborated in a basketball game and won a star plushy for me =D.

IMG_9588 copy

look at how happy guys are with arcade games. I bet most girls didn’t understand why hehe.

just so you know, there are PuriKura (sticker photos) there too, but it looks.. not very nice. the best ones I had was in HK Times Square =D.

IMG_9630 copy

I still couldn’t get enough of those cutesy hi and byes all the staff did. at the same time they looked like they were shaking their hands because it was cold. but Everland was nice, they had heaters for all booths =D.


okay, now, let’s…….

IMG_9623 copy



heading towards the Animal land.

IMG_9628 copy

that’s the petting zoo behind =D. the guys INSIST on not going there because they think it is sissy. hmph. Korean male ego. haha but there were cute animals like rabbits, sheeps and.. goats? anyway, it was getting dark and I wanted to try on the T-Express before the weather starts to change (it might rain!) and after two round of T-Express it was already 5pm. and at 5pm, it’s pitch black. COME DURING SPRING OR SUMMER. PLEASE.

but I really regretted because it didn’t rain and when I came back here there were no more sea lion and penguin shows and I couldn’t see the Polar bear that I’ve came here for! T_______T. I’ve only seen a Polar Bear in S’pore ONCE and I was just in time before the place closes pfft. so the tank where the bear was was pretty dark. I have no fate with my favourite bear. there are monkeys and apes too! =D. (not interested in that one because there are plenty here. HAHAHA.)

but I still think that I was lucky.

I caught the LAST BUS leaving for that AMAZING safari ride. we were the LAST people to get on it. RIGHT BEFORE IT LEAVES! we were RUNNING to it. the tour guide said he’ll bring us around for a longer time since we’re the last group. haha, lucky a not?


the tallest giraffe in the WORLD! =D. from Africa yo, don’t play play, was surprised that it could survive in such a cold weather.

IMG_9657 copy

a cohort of zebra!

you should already know what I feel for ZEBRAS. I love wearing their.. patterns. OF COURSE I won’t wear it if it’s real skin! I don’t support wearing fur. hmph.


there were more than one Tiger. they’re running all around. and it was.. PITCH BLACK! RAWR.


lions. a heap of them!

IMG_9681 copy

the graceful white tiger. there were many of them too! but as you know, it was dark and the bus is moving T_T. but it was not bad it stopped very long for us at some spots. =D.

IMG_9684 copy

this is what they called the Liger. a breed of both Lion and Tiger. it’s really awesome because it looks like a lion with fading tiger stripes.


I know I’m repeating this but there were MANY BEARS! walking all around. they were so huge and so cute zomg. and because we were sitting behind.. it’s hard to take their pictures T_T. but these GOMS (bears) UNDERSTAND KOREAN. that korean guy told him to sit! and he sits. and then he throw food to him making some funny cheesy sound ahhaha.

IMG_9719 copy

what they sell there. they are like divided into sections. very cute.


I didn’t see a leopard. I wonder where it is pfft I must have missed it! but I heard the Leopard killed a Lion there. maybe they kept it for a while so that the Leopard won’t kill anymore Lions. haha.

this hat is ridiculously cute. they are known as the “jappy hat” to my family and the “garbage man’s hat” to my friends in school. why they call it that? well, I bet you’ve seen many Japs in these hats. and I also bet you can imagine a garbage collector wearing it. >_<“. it is weird how these hats can match almost anybody. =P.  and now, it looks like a golfers hat. pfft.


NYAHAHAHAHA WE WENT ON THE SKI CABLE CAR! YAYS! I was horribly afraid that I might drop my camera.


at least I still managed to camwhore hehe. it was COLD and you’d have to sit statically there to prevent it from shaking too much. and that makes you get colder. the ride is pretty long so it’s the best time to relax, have a good chat and enjoy the view.


and when we head up. we headed for a roller coaster with MANY MANY LOOPS. 3 obvious loops. it was.. not worth it. you’d probably have to wait in line for that one too but it’s more or less a minute long. not worth the wait. I didn’t feel ANY EXCITEMENT. =X. I guess it was because I rode on the T-Express before riding on this one. so if you want to enjoy other rides, PLEASE RIDE ON T-EXPRESS THE LAST! =D. my Korean friends suggested this too.

IMG_9729 copy

Double Rock Spin. this is like, the DNA mixer. except it’s doesn’t make you feel like puking. but at least it’s fun =P. there were only one more thriller we missed as they told me that was very cold as they.. swing you around while you’d be sitting in a fan-like cage. which means, you’d be going 180degrees too. =D. at high speed. in the air high above.


you’d just have to love Everland at night. it is.. magical.

I’m almost ending my post. but I’ll have ONE more post on the T-EXPRESS TOMORROW! because there is just too much to write!

haha I bet you were wondering where the T-Express pictures are. =P. wait up!

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8 years ago

Hellooo..Do you know where can i check the last bus out of Everland back to Seoul? I checked its website but none i found.