for nail art demo I posted a few days ago, you can actually try a different color. If you noticed, this one has additional butterflies too! ain’t it gorgeous? This one is what I’ve done for myself :

Base color : Elianto 33 Blooming Pink Pearl
Sponge art color : Elianto 58 Cocoa
Flower stamp : Konad special nail polish in white
Butterfly stamp : Konad special nail polish in dark purple

konad nail design

purple konad nail design

5 thoughts on “A different color for the same design.

  1. Kyels says:

    The photos seem sharp now.



  2. Crystal says:

    LOVE this!


  3. CelineSon says:

    Very beautifull !!!!!


  4. I really love this design with sponge! WAUW!


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