the 2nd best place in Seoul is one of the oldest cafe/dabang around as they are open since 1976. although not as old as Hakrim Dabang, this is actually my.. 3rd time here? and my second post on it. the first post here.

ever since my good friend came with me 3 years ago and I’ve never once came here again since he passed away.. but it’s a cafe filled with our memories and the cafe stayed the same.

IMG_9971 copy

located at the end of Samcheongdong street, the cafe isn’t difficult to find.

IMG_9984 copy

the famous Danpat-juk/red bean porridge. super thick and it makes me feel very healthy eating it. they have bits of chest nuts, some other types of beans and a huge ddeok/tteok (Korean rice cake) and people usually come for this.

IMG_9977 copy

the interior of the cafe. very 60s kind of feel no? you’ll find people of all ages here but with a little more elderly people as this cafe probably bring them good old memories =D.

and the place isn’t as small as it seems because there are more seats inside!

IMG_9986 copy

I ordered the red dates tea the last time I came here and it was amazing. it’s good for people with low blood pressure! like… me!

IMG_3656 copy

this time around, we ordered Suijung-gwa (Persimmon Tea) and of course the yummy Danpat-juk which shouldn’t be missed!

IMG_3652 copy

the new prices of the menu. everything that was 6,000won became 7,000won, everything 5,000won became 6,000won and everything 4,500won became 5,000won T__T. it’s ridiculously expensive for the patjuk but…… it’s really really really good.

IMG_3653 copy

I’ve always liked the fragrant persimmons tea in any other restaurants I’ve been to as they have this strong cinnamon smell with it. one of the best Suijung-gwa I’ve ever had but.. definitely too much if you’re going to have it all by yourself since it ain’t a light kind of drink.

IMG_3655 copy

and there’s a whole persimmon to munch on! =3.

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6 years ago

yey.. persimmon!!