thought I should let you travellers know what’s famous here and what’s not. so if you ever go to Hongdae, walk all the way pass SangSangMadang (the butterfly-like building), cross the road and you’ll see this shop.

IMG_6154 copy

you can either sit inside or stand outside to eat =D. I prefer standing as it don’t make me feel as fat =X.

IMG_6146 copy

as such a famous shop, the prices are really reasonable or should I say it’s pretty cheap. it’s the same price as those stalls by the street!

IMG_6153 copy

but I gotta say they are very very generous on their organs. I hadn’t eaten Sundae (it’s called Sundae. pronounced as Soon-Dae. Sundae’s are those stuffed with noodles and.. blood inside intestines even though it ain’t real intestines anymore these days. real ones are really expensive) with this much of organs together. they are amazing. believe me. even though they might not look like it. but if you’re those who only like McD’s and hate Chinese or Korean food, this is not for you.

IMG_6151 copy

and their famous Ddeokbokki!

IMG_6148 copy

my pretty classmate, Megumi!

IMG_6150 copy

and… myself. I really like it here. happy with their portions and quality. but I prefer Gukdae because their soup is better. and yes, soup is free =D. there’s a cup on the side. self service.

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8 years ago

d pork stuff just eat it like that without any soup or sauce?

8 years ago

I eat pork liver occasionally, but still the organs doesn’t look as appetising. Were they marinated/ flavoured prior?

8 years ago

Hey Jamie, I love your photos very very much 😀
Mind to tell me which model of camera are you using? Thanks

Jessie Tan
Jessie Tan
8 years ago

Im so lucky today because I have found your blog which is very useful for me. Wil check your next time before I travel. The photos also very very nice.. Thank you!