Jamie Liew.
born on the 9th of May.
it was mothers day that year.
born and bred in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

I am fluent in English, Korean, Cantonese and Malay, conversational in Mandarin & Hakka and a beginner in Japanese & French!
yes I definitely do enjoy learning them languages.

now let me try summarizing my life into a few lines.

I grew up playing a bunch of Korean computer games (like Ragnarok, O2JAM, GunBound…) and eating Korean BBQ at my Korean best friend’s restaurant (hence my familiarity with the Korean language from a young age). I like to say that I was into Korea before it was cool. I have always been interested in the Japanese cuisine where I actually went to Tokyo for an exchange just to devour all them heavenly goodness (my Japanese friends gave me a few nicknames like mentaiko girl and ramen girl. but I love Korean food too!). I have a Business Admin degree from the 600 year old Sungkyunkwan University and I also graduated from Yonsei University’s Korean language institution. I have lived in Seoul for 6 years and I am currently working in the FinTech industry in Hong Kong.


I enjoy exploring new restaurants, eating, traveling and.. well eating again. you may get hungry when you read most of my posts (you may be wondering, “why aren’t you a big fat lady?!” well, because studying in Korea has been pretty stressful T_T. and I walk a lot). but if you love eating too then please follow me! I will travel across mountains and seas just for a specific dish!


and if you were wondering about my height, where many people have asked, I am about 5 feet 7. yes, tall girl. but not considered that tall in Korea pfft. and pfft is an expression many Ragnarok Online players use. it’s actually puffing air outta my nose. haha.