yummy way to lose weight.

there are just so many ways to lose weight in South Korea. but the thing is are you disciplined enough. well me, I am not. but because of the increasing number of lazy fat girls like me, they came out with the best way. you do not need to eat less nor skip meals. all you need to do is replace your meals with Ottugi’s Cup Noodle.

IMAG6894 copy

why? because it is only contains 120kcal! I am not being paid to write this. they have several flavour like the Udon, Jjimdalg, Prawn.. but my favourite is the spicy one. it is just so good. basically they are glass noodles in freaking delicious soup and a cup noodle like this only costs around 1,000won depending on where you buy it. I’ve seen it selling in Carrefour (Cheongdam) for only 890won while some places are selling it for 1,200won. there is a bigger cup with slightly more calories for beginners hahahaha. Continue reading “yummy way to lose weight.”