Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.

to be honest, it is quite embarrassing to be a tourist in your own school where chances of bumping into a friend is so much higher than anywhere else.

but I put on a thick face and did it anyway. thank goodness for the smaller camera or else people would stare more if I were to pull out my gun-like DSLR.

CIMG2846 copy

look at how pretty my school is right now! my school isn’t the prettiest schools around but currently Yonsei is under construction so only a few parts of it remains pretty. I would say Kyunghee and Korea University would be the prettiest (and they are both so near my uni!) but I am too lazy (no time pfft) to go to any =S. I am even lazy to stroll around my school compound. but today, I finished my quizzes and thought I should take a good walk around while waiting for Wai Kit for our lunch date which was an hour and a half away. and I pretty much got carried away. Continue reading “Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.”