Spring Photoshoot

it was so long ago but here it is! I really liked the first picture as it is very… feelful. haha. made up a word again it seems =D. this batch was taken by Azri (again!) and I have to say good job. his new tilt shift lens was indeed very hard to use but at least it managed to snap this one clear and awesome picture =3.


it is actually a candid shot since I was waiting for the restroom wth. Continue reading “Spring Photoshoot”

Spring Is Here!


but like what everybody here’s condemning about, the weather in Seoul IS weird. to be honest. it was pretty hot even two weeks ago. it was like 22 degrees in the day. and you know what? it snow-rained on Thursday. it wasn’t that cold but snowing almost in the middle of April? that’s ridiculous.

it is currently around 1-10degrees from a few days ago till now.

IMG_2045 copy

read the weather forecast that today’s a nice sunny day so I brought my camera to school. but it was awkward taking pictures because now I am no longer.. a tourist anymore. I will take more pictures of Sungkyunkwan University when I get more comfortable and when the Cherry Blossom Trees blooms (excuses!). Continue reading “Spring Is Here!”