[Seoul: Sinsa] Dimsum at Goldfish (CLOSED)

So I was talking to a friend who was missing some Dimsum in Seoul. I’ve never really thought about introducing Chinese food to foreigners because well.. most of my readers are travelers, so I bet most travelers would prefer to eat some Korean or Korean fusion food. or just something special. but this post here, is to all of you who live in Korea and is sick of Korean food.

apparently this place serves the best Dim Sum in the whole of Korea. and I wouldn’t even deny it because their “har gao” was simply the best I’ve ever had. even better than the ones I’ve had in HK and Malaysia (maybe because I’ve not eaten really nice ones before) but the others were good, but not like superb.

but I’m still laughing over its name, Goldfish HAHAHHA. I mean, in Cantonese Goldfish man = Pedobear/Pedophile. so…

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you’ve got to reserve a spot if you’re not coming early since it is a really popular place. and I heard, it’s especially popular for “sogaeting” if you don’t already know what it is, it’s a form of blind date. where your friends set you up instead of getting a date from some agency. it has a very nice ambiance. really liked how it was furnished. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinsa] Dimsum at Goldfish (CLOSED)”