[Seoul: Sinchon] Choco Blossom

I love chocolate yes. but I do not usually drink hot chocolate. most places serve hot chocolate only nice for a few sips and it just gets really disgusting after that. but the ones here at Cherry Blossom is DA BOMB. I am not even kidding. it is so hard to explain. seriously.

because I can’t take coffee, I’ve always ordered chocolate drinks back in Malaysia whenever friends go to starbucks (and you know the other non-caffeine drinks are just so so.) which had contributed to me being sick of hot chocolate drinks.

when Jia Yii told me about this place I had doubts and I would really prefer something else like green tea latte. but I still gave it a shot anyway since he was really sure I was going to like it. and I did.

CIMG3641 copy

they have these amazing seats upstairs for you to lay down and it is perfect for couples. super duper romantic in my opinion hehehe. and because it is christmas they also placed these huge teddy bears on every seat. but the place is rather small so getting a place upstairs was some real luck. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinchon] Choco Blossom”

[Seoul] Ewha Womans Univ. 이대 and Sinchon 신촌.

E-dae/ I-dae stands for Ewha Woman’s Univ. something like a shortcut name for it. Ewha Woman’s University is a very popular all-girl univ. and the shops near by sells clothes, food, etc. at the most reasonable prices; prices students can afford. and from what Natalie told me, shopping for clothes in E-dae is the cheapest.

IMG_2518 copy

E-dae is right next to Sinchon, where Yonsei Univ. (the most beautiful Univ IMO) is. =D. walking distance, because I walked all the way from E-dae to Sinchon. about 1-2km walk. Continue reading “[Seoul] Ewha Womans Univ. 이대 and Sinchon 신촌.”