Sister’s Pre-Wedding Shoot.

so a few days ago my sister, her boyfriend and my mom came to visit me! =D. and as much as I can do, I organized a pre-wedding shoot for my sister since she just got engaged the week before! out of all the people I’ve known in Korea, this Malaysian guy called Max has done wedding photography before and it was beautiful. although during our shoot the weather was horribly gloomy and it was raining throughout the shoot, we still managed to survive it.

PS : pictures with my watermark in this post are taken with my new S4. can’t get enough of this phone. love its camera!

20131102_110107_Richtone(HDR) copy

for the shoot, we headed to Samcheongdong Continue reading “Sister’s Pre-Wedding Shoot.”

a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.

it was a lovely autumn day and it was the “cultural day” for people of level 5 to visit Unhyungung 운현궁. there were 3 courses where we make tea, wear korean traditional clothes and make cute little hanboks out of paper.

IMG_6684 copy

such a beautiful day, yes? Continue reading “a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.”