Autumn Photoshoot 2013

These are some serious overdue pictures but the busy photographer got sent to another country for a business trip for a few months so.. I didn’t have a choice hehe. as always, credits goes to Azri, the photographer/engineer. and I edited it. I wouldn’t lie that I look slightly different from my pictures hehehehehhehe. so here’s it. hope you like it!

pictures taken at Samcheongdong and the area outside Gyeongbokgung.

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Sister’s Pre-Wedding Shoot.

so a few days ago my sister, her boyfriend and my mom came to visit me! =D. and as much as I can do, I organized a pre-wedding shoot for my sister since she just got engaged the week before! out of all the people I’ve known in Korea, this Malaysian guy called Max has done wedding photography before and it was beautiful. although during our shoot the weather was horribly gloomy and it was raining throughout the shoot, we still managed to survive it.

PS : pictures with my watermark in this post are taken with my new S4. can’t get enough of this phone. love its camera!

20131102_110107_Richtone(HDR) copy

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Spring Photoshoot

it was so long ago but here it is! I really liked the first picture as it is very… feelful. haha. made up a word again it seems =D. this batch was taken by Azri (again!) and I have to say good job. his new tilt shift lens was indeed very hard to use but at least it managed to snap this one clear and awesome picture =3.


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