[Seoul] Namsan Hanok Village VS Bukchon Hanok Village

from my 3 months worth of research on WHERE TO GO in Korea, I wanted to visit a historical place, and then I found out about Namsangol Hanok Village 남산골한옥마을 or just Namsan Hanok Village; the more commercialized Hanok village located in the heart of Seoul. but as I searched, I found out that Bukchon Hanok Village 복촌한옥마을, also the place where “Personal Taste” was filmed (yes with Lee Minho in it! <3) , is such a gem. located nearby to each other (near as in taxi trip near), I’ve decided to save time and only go to one. I picked Bukchon.

we got off at Anguk  station안국역 as directed (Anguk Station, Exit 2, walk 300m straight. do not ask for directions they will lead you somewhere else D=.) from the website and got lost =(. we then asked the locals and they recommended us to take a cab (do note that I have a Korean friend with me to do the asking =D) because it’s pretty far. we then got off at Namsan Hanok Village. I think it is because it’s much more commercialized and they thought us tourists were talking about Namsan’s one as they probably didn’t catch our words clearly D=.

since we were first timers, we didn’t know and went in straight to find that it’s actually Namsan Hanok Village! but because we paid the expensive taxi fare already(only take a cab if you have no choice, or have no time!) we did not want to waste it so we went in for a slight stroll! =D.


the parking lot. it was late November and there weren’t many autumn trees left. and there were abundant here! hence the picture. =D. Continue reading “[Seoul] Namsan Hanok Village VS Bukchon Hanok Village”