[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom

was recommended to come here by a friend and so I did. apparently this chain of restaurant is opened by a married couple where the husband’s an architect and the wife’s a lighting designer.

CIMG0147 copy

went to the one at Sinsa located at the roof top of Galleria Shopping Mall. Continue reading “[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom”

[Malaysia: Soho KL] Apgujeong

so an oppa I knew told me, there’s this Korean restaurant in Soho KL that serves food even better than most restaurants you can find in Seoul.

he wasn’t even kidding.

1391796733259 copy

the owner of the restaurant is actually an award winning chef in Korea. and his Banchan? fabulous. the sausage banchan served here is amazing. and the cockles tooooo nyam nyam. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Soho KL] Apgujeong”

Korean Food 101

HI! I’ve been wanting to write this post forever but I hadn’t collected enough pictures to do so. even now, too, actually. but at least I’ve gathered up enough pictures for post number 1! ^^

IMG_0038 copy

#1 Belgian waffle. sometimes it’s really costly but sometimes it can be rather fair.  but the one above costed around 16,000won (that is RM48 holyyyyyy). friend bought it but still it was T________T. we had it in a nice cafe at Samcheongdong. the cheaper ones would cost around 3,000won ^^. but of course much smaller and.. there’s no fruits and ice cream haha. and view. Continue reading “Korean Food 101”

[Seoul: Myeongdong] Myeongdong Gyoja 명동 교자

if you’ve been to Myeongdong you might’ve spotted this shop with a LONG queue (almost always) called the Myeongdong Gyoja. well, if you’re a foreigner it is not like you would be able to read it because I do not think they have an english translation for it. anyways, it’s next to the back of the H&M on the main street (not the one at NOON complex).

IMG_0341 copy

it isn’t hard to spot as they have that long queue of people and the all maroon and white sign. Continue reading “[Seoul: Myeongdong] Myeongdong Gyoja 명동 교자”

[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식

the one Korean food that I’ve failed to try even though I’ve been here for so long is Hanjeongsik. it is one of the most expensive meals around. costing at least 10,000won for the cheapest one which doesn’t include you starters. it serves you an array of side dishes which are refillable. costing around 15,000won-20,000won on average, it’s worth it if you keeeeeep eating. like a buffet. okay maybe not. but similar.

Hanjeongsiks were formerly served to aristocrats and the high and mighty. but today, even we commoners can have a chance to have a taste of it.

IMG_0079 copy

my family, a cousin came here and he said he’ll buy me anything yummy so yeah! Hanjeongsik it is! my family tree is filled with handsome guys and pretty girls. although I am one of the few odd ones. but heck, look at my sister and my cousin! Continue reading “[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식”