Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan

since I am stuck in Japan with my friend’s Japanese laptop (my laptop can’t connect to the internet and there’s no adapter yet T_T), I will first choose topics to write about which doesn’t require much pictures and editing.

SO, living in Seoul for about 3 years now, of course I’ve noticed more and more and from my mistakes, I learned even better. Continue reading “Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan”

35 things I’ve noticed about Korean people.

well, living here for a year and a half is not very much of a long time. but it is definitely enough to list out a list of habits or culture of Korean people which is quite.. abnormal. in fact I was always amazed by all the jaw dropping things that they do. I am not saying all Korean people are like this but that is just my opinion. I may be right I may be wrong so try not to be sensitive about it. lets rock it. Continue reading “35 things I’ve noticed about Korean people.”