Harian Metro Feature

it is my first ever newspaper feature! I got featured in Juice before I think. but I didn’t know when they were going to publish it and it was not a magazine that’s easy to find everywhere so I do not have a copy of it T_T. but this time at least it is a newspaper easily bought anywhere in Malaysia!


click to enlarge ^^.

I received an email and I was quite thrilled if you’d ask me. I am not as.. active as before but they wanted to feature me T_____T *touched* it isn’t like I am super famous or anything. but I guess this is a great experience and good free publicity =D. more Malaysian readers!!! have I ever mentioned that most of my readers are from Singapore and.. well overseas. haahha,

but yeah, after being in the blogging scene for 5 long years, I finally got myself somewhere!!! (I think ><).

teehee ^^.