[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식

the one Korean food that I’ve failed to try even though I’ve been here for so long is Hanjeongsik. it is one of the most expensive meals around. costing at least 10,000won for the cheapest one which doesn’t include you starters. it serves you an array of side dishes which are refillable. costing around 15,000won-20,000won on average, it’s worth it if you keeeeeep eating. like a buffet. okay maybe not. but similar.

Hanjeongsiks were formerly served to aristocrats and the high and mighty. but today, even we commoners can have a chance to have a taste of it.

IMG_0079 copy

my family, a cousin came here and he said he’ll buy me anything yummy so yeah! Hanjeongsik it is! my family tree is filled with handsome guys and pretty girls. although I am one of the few odd ones. but heck, look at my sister and my cousin! Continue reading “[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식”