[Seoul: Euljiro] One Day in Hanbok

hello my dearest readers!

I know many of you are following me for the Korea and Japan posts. since I wore Kimono (AND Yukata. even bought it!!!) in Japan, it was quite weird how I’ve never really thought of wearing a Hanbok despite being in Korea for my 4th year now.

okay I actually thought of it once. during my graduation ceremony in Yonsei everyone wore Hanbok but.. me. firstly, as a poor student the 150,000won~200,000won (150-200USD) rental was too much of a burden and I didn’t look good in most of the Hanbok my friends had. I think Hanbok, like Kimono, is very personal and they fit differently for every person. the colours, sizes, patterns had to fit. well that was why in the end, I wore an urban Cheongsam instead.

I had always thought that renting a Hanbok for a day costs a bomb until I came across onedayhanbok. if only I had found it 3 years ago, I would’ve got to wear a Hanbok for my graduation ceremony T_____T.

안녕하세요! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!
설날 연휴 때 한복을 대여해서 촬영했다~ 한복 워낙 비싼거라 대여하기가 힘든줄 알았고 예전에 대여할려고 할 때 다 15만원에서 20만원 쯤이었으니 대여하지 않았다. 그러나 Onedayhanbok 에서 싸게 대여할 수 있다니!!! 이런 가게 생겨서 정말 다행이고 기쁘다.

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in conjunction with Seollal/Chinese New Year, I decided to rent a set of Hanbok for our team Malaysia’s shooting this time.

picture by Azri. Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Continue reading “[Seoul: Euljiro] One Day in Hanbok”