[Seoul: Hyehwa] PURE GOROKE (CLOSED)

because that is how 순결한 고로케 is directly translated into, PURE Goroke. goroke, or gorokke or koroke, is actually Japanese. fried on the outside and something soft and yummy on the inside. it can be cheese, goguma (sweet potato), vegetables.. you name it. it is normally round and so super delicious. I can never get enough. for a fussy person on fried food, I personally love koroke because they are usually not too oily and it is fried to perfection.

(many tourists may thing that eating Japanese food in Korea is an utter waste of time and money but believe me, this is totally going to be worth it.)

혜화/대학로 길거리에서 파는 순결한 고로케 정말로 글로 표현할 수 없는 정도로 맛있습니다!

CIMG3364 copy

say hi to Paul!!! my long time reader from Philippines whom I’ve met up with when I first came to Korea. yes I treat my readers well =D. but I am so sorry if I had recently neglected many of your emails and all because I am sitting for my finals NEXT WEEK RAWRR.

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