[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom

was recommended to come here by a friend and so I did. apparently this chain of restaurant is opened by a married couple where the husband’s an architect and the wife’s a lighting designer.

CIMG0147 copy

went to the one at Sinsa located at the roof top of Galleria Shopping Mall. Continue reading “[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom”

[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Butter Finger Pancakes – Breakfast

I was dumb to come to a pancake shop without ordering pancakes. but since it was my first time here I will definitely make my 2nd visit. it is located near exit 9 of Gangnam station.

this place is incredulously famous. some people think it’s overrated but it was so far so good for me. I really liked how perfect everything was. but I wouldn’t spend an hour waiting for it. maybe 20 minutes is fine haha. apparently the boss of this shop was a successful guy working in a huge Korean company but he found the perfect recipe for pancakes and he flipped pancakes instead.

picture from rimi.kr Continue reading “[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Butter Finger Pancakes – Breakfast”

[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Mies Container

this is the hooters for females. a ‘container’ with hot macho men serving you? hell yeah! this place always have a queue too. so be prepared to wait in line for at least 30 minutes. there’s 2 shops in Gangnam; one near exit 9 and another near the CGV area.

IMG_3779 copy

this is the bigger one near exit 9. and the queue was really long. although it isn’t noticeable in this picture. and upon entry, you’ll always be greeted with loud manly voices which fills the entire restaurant. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Mies Container”

Clubbing in Seoul PART 2

this is actually a more organized version of the last post about clubs in Seoul. I’ve updated my last blog post which is listed on my “travel” page with the information below as well. this time, I’ve gathered much more information and I hope this answers some of your questions. note that every 10,000won is RM30. Continue reading “Clubbing in Seoul PART 2”