Yonsei’s University Festival

feels so good to revisit my old school. U.U.. spent one year here so I still have love with it. my favourite canteen and my favourite statue pfft.

IMG_2930 copy

so this time I am back for the festival despite having exams. I MUST  come for their awesome festival which is 2 days before Akaraka was held. Continue reading “Yonsei’s University Festival”

Veritas – 1

like Yonsei and Korea University’s YonGoJeon, or GoYonJeon, we had our own Veritas-1 where Sungkyunkwan, Hanyang and Sogang battles among each other. except ours are much more of a smaller scale since it is our first time and also only the business school took part in it.

this took part some where in May during the Buddha’s Birthday. hence why I missed most of it (I went to the temple!) and got there just in time to see the performances. well, I paid for it so I might as well just go see their concert =D.

IMG_3389 copy

first up, we had 10cm! I am a BIG fan of 10cm. they sang “Americano” by the way, which was a real hit in Korea. always being compared to Busker Busker, these folks were always quite sensitive when they hear about Busker Busker hahaha. it was my 2nd time seeing them as I saw them once (VERY NEAR!!!) for the Media Faculty’s graduation concert. =D. Continue reading “Veritas – 1”