[Tokyo: Tsukiji] Tsukiji Fish Market

well, not exactly INSIDE the market but it was those lanes of shops outside it. to my horror, it was closed on the day I went T_T. (LIKE WHY ON THAT DAY OUT OF ALLLL DAYS.) so do not repeat my mistake. DO NOT GO ON WEDNESDAYS. =(. I remember I checked before going and I thought it was closed on Tues. OH WELL. =(.

according to my friend living in Japan, he said that the famous tuna fish auction is limited everyday and you’ll have to get there at 5am in order to witness it. heck. 5am? what am I going to do after that? fish shopping? =S. but it’s alright because other than the inner market, you can stroll around the outer market even at 9am =D. I was actually very determined to try out Sushi Dai. BUT IT WASN’T OPEN TOO. =(. the other branch outside doesn’t open so early either. =/.

but even so, I actually had a better view of the stalls OUTSIDE the Tsukiji market area where I guess that probably most foreigners would rush into Tsukiji market and neglect the beauty of the stalls outside. this set of pictures would really be one of my favourite even though it wasn’t inside Tsukiji market. and surprisingly, there were actually many japs fish shopping there! =D.


one of the many lanes. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Tsukiji] Tsukiji Fish Market”