[Seoul: Sungkyunkwan] Cherry Blossoms

Spring is finally here and so are exams. Korea have this thing against students being able to go out during the peak of both spring and autumn. it’s simply just atrocious. how can they do that to me pfft. but as you can see, nothing can exactly stop me from admiring these pretty spring buds. except I didn’t have any time to go to Yoeuido this time. not that I enjoyed it the last time actually. I thought it was too crowded and the only 1 sided cherry blossoms were mehhh. but I found another destination which is called Ansan near where I’m staying but again, NOT ENOUGH TIME! I will go there this weekend despite having tonnes of homework (during exam week. I know right?) RAWR! here’s a korean blog with the pictures of Ansan : http://blog.daum.net/miso3923/148

so how was it? enjoyed it? well I doubt this year would be this nice because of the weird weather T_T. it is hot and cold. sigh. so cherry blossoms bloom at like complete different times. it’s supposed to well, bloom last week around Friday. if I go this weekend it would probably be bald T_T. sigh. I will just give it a shot anyway since it is known that in Ansan, cherry blossoms bloom late. I actually went there about 10 days ago and they were just budding =S.

anyway back to topic, here’s some spring/cherry blossom pictures taken at my school! =D.

IMG_2099 copy

welcome to ahem the BUSINESS SCHOOL! business buildings are always the prettiest =3. well mainly because they get the most funding. =D. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sungkyunkwan] Cherry Blossoms”