[Seoul: Jongro] Melon Bingsu @ Tea Oreum

as a huge bingsu fan, I mark on my name that this bingsu’s one of the best few I’ve tried.

CIMG0100 copy

the shops located near Jogyesa Temple which is near Insadong. for 16,000won, you get a whole melon to yourself and another cup filled with bingsu for you to pour in when you’re done with the first one. plus, it might seem like there aren’t a lot of melon. but they are secretly buried underneath the shaved ice. not the smoothest shave ice but taste wise? I’ll give it a 9.5 and presentation wise 10/10!!! Continue reading “[Seoul: Jongro] Melon Bingsu @ Tea Oreum”

[Seoul] Meal Top Patbingsu! 밀탑 팥빙수!

so after ignoring so many queues for the famous so called “best patbingsu” in Seoul, I finally tried it. Meal Tops are normally available at Hyundai Departmental stores. and usually on the top floor.

IMG_3839 copy

their shop concept are the same so it’s easy to recognize. my menu pictures is with Megumi I think T_T. but anyway, this place is easy to find. there’s one Hyundai Departmental store right at Sinchon! Continue reading “[Seoul] Meal Top Patbingsu! 밀탑 팥빙수!”

[Seoul: Sinchon] Cafe Container : Patbingsu Tower

so a few days ago Wai Kit sent me a picture of this tower patbingsu and asked me if I was interested. I’ve known about this oreo patbingsu for a long time since I often walk pass it. but little did I know, their oreo patbingsu is incredulously tall.

IMG_2024 copy

the location is rather easy to find. it’s on that road from U-plex (Sinchon) towards Megabox (Edae). for foreigners it might be a little tricky. but just get off at Sinchon (line 2 green line) and take the the U-plex (complex exit and you will see the red mirror tube thingy) exit. cross over to the other side of the road (you will see Etude House on the other side of the road.). you should see Krispy Kreme, Look Optical and Olive young on your side of the road as you walk. just walk straight!!!!!!!!!!! about 5 minutes walk. just keep on your side of the road. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinchon] Cafe Container : Patbingsu Tower”