how to cure dandruff.

I would not try to hide the fact that I was haunted with the horror of having dandruff. yes, I had snow falling off my head when I shake it. but a few years ago I found something that saved my scalp. my dad had the same problem for over 50 years. we tried so many remedies, used so many different dandruff shampoos and yet no cure. pantene, clear, schwarzkopf, sunsilk….. everything. but one day I finally found the right shampoo. and after just a few uses of this amazing shampoo. dandruff magically disappeared. this is not a paid advertorial so just you know. it’s a little expensive at the price of RM38. which is why I use two different shampoos for my scalp and my 30inch hair. I only use it when my scalp is uncomfortable. Continue reading “how to cure dandruff.”