my hair dye secret : mise en scene hair dye.

If you know me personally you would know that I have ALWAYS had long hair and I am incredulously lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. with waist length hair, I don’t even use the conditioner on a regular basis. nor do I comb my hair HAHAHAH. but thank goodness for this hair dye which saves my hair every time I dye it.



the hair dye saved my hair. you’ve read it right!

so mise en scene’s hairdye is so magical it makes your disgusting tangled hair healthy after dye. it sounds too good to be true? well, it is. I have been recommending my friends who visited Korea to buy this hair dye and people whom are poor like me but wants to dye their long long hair, this is the (WAYYY) cheaper alternative. living in Seoul for the 3rd year now, I’ve tried dozens of hair dyes since I dye my hair almost once a month but I try to reduce it to once every 2 months now. and slowly 3. pfft.

anyways, I had always had a hard time trying to dye my hair back in Malaysia because my hair was so thick but Mise en scene dyes it just like that! plus they have some kind of oil mixture to put into your dye which makes your hair silky and nice after dyeing. it might as well be very strong chemicals but if it made my hair feel better, I guess I’m psychologically convinced that it is the healthiest hair dye among all!

vanilla gold copy

Vanilla Gold. the lightest colour. it isn’t blonde like the picture on the box but it’s pretty light. Continue reading “my hair dye secret : mise en scene hair dye.”