[Seoul] Ewha Womans Univ. 이대 and Sinchon 신촌.

E-dae/ I-dae stands for Ewha Woman’s Univ. something like a shortcut name for it. Ewha Woman’s University is a very popular all-girl univ. and the shops near by sells clothes, food, etc. at the most reasonable prices; prices students can afford. and from what Natalie told me, shopping for clothes in E-dae is the cheapest.

IMG_2518 copy

E-dae is right next to Sinchon, where Yonsei Univ. (the most beautiful Univ IMO) is. =D. walking distance, because I walked all the way from E-dae to Sinchon. about 1-2km walk. Continue reading “[Seoul] Ewha Womans Univ. 이대 and Sinchon 신촌.”