[Tokyo: Tachikawa] Showa Memorial Park


planning a trip to Tokyo this Autumn but not quite sure on where’s the best place to see those dazzling golden leaves? want to escape the crowd in Tokyo? well, I’ve got you covered. and the place is: Showa Kinen Koen or simply Showa Memorial Park. just a 40minute train ride from Shinjuku. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Tachikawa] Showa Memorial Park”

Autumn Photoshoot 2013

These are some serious overdue pictures but the busy photographer got sent to another country for a business trip for a few months so.. I didn’t have a choice hehe. as always, credits goes to Azri, the photographer/engineer. and I edited it. I wouldn’t lie that I look slightly different from my pictures hehehehehhehe. so here’s it. hope you like it!

pictures taken at Samcheongdong and the area outside Gyeongbokgung.

IMG_7527 copy Continue reading “Autumn Photoshoot 2013”

Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.

to be honest, it is quite embarrassing to be a tourist in your own school where chances of bumping into a friend is so much higher than anywhere else.

but I put on a thick face and did it anyway. thank goodness for the smaller camera or else people would stare more if I were to pull out my gun-like DSLR.

CIMG2846 copy

look at how pretty my school is right now! my school isn’t the prettiest schools around but currently Yonsei is under construction so only a few parts of it remains pretty. I would say Kyunghee and Korea University would be the prettiest (and they are both so near my uni!) but I am too lazy (no time pfft) to go to any =S. I am even lazy to stroll around my school compound. but today, I finished my quizzes and thought I should take a good walk around while waiting for Wai Kit for our lunch date which was an hour and a half away. and I pretty much got carried away. Continue reading “Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.”

[Seoul: Hangang] Autumn

HELLO EVERYONE!!! so my mom got me a new camera because the last time she asked me why don’t I take pictures anymore I told her that my DSLR is a little too heavy to carry every where when I need to carry a lot of other stuff. so WITHOUT asking for my opinion, she just bought me a camera. I was so upset because it isn’t a Canon camera (I know, such a bad daughter). BUT……. gracious. I LOVE THIS CAMERA. I won’t go back to Canon for digital cameras. NEVER!

CIMG2473 copy

here’s a very random shot of Gyeongbokgung I took out of a rush. I didn’t aim properly =S. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hangang] Autumn”

Sister’s Pre-Wedding Shoot.

so a few days ago my sister, her boyfriend and my mom came to visit me! =D. and as much as I can do, I organized a pre-wedding shoot for my sister since she just got engaged the week before! out of all the people I’ve known in Korea, this Malaysian guy called Max has done wedding photography before and it was beautiful. although during our shoot the weather was horribly gloomy and it was raining throughout the shoot, we still managed to survive it.

PS : pictures with my watermark in this post are taken with my new S4. can’t get enough of this phone. love its camera!

20131102_110107_Richtone(HDR) copy

for the shoot, we headed to Samcheongdong Continue reading “Sister’s Pre-Wedding Shoot.”

a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.

it was a lovely autumn day and it was the “cultural day” for people of level 5 to visit Unhyungung 운현궁. there were 3 courses where we make tea, wear korean traditional clothes and make cute little hanboks out of paper.

IMG_6684 copy

such a beautiful day, yes? Continue reading “a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.”