Yonsei’s University Festival

feels so good to revisit my old school. U.U.. spent one year here so I still have love with it. my favourite canteen and my favourite statue pfft.

IMG_2930 copy

so this time I am back for the festival despite having exams. I MUST  come for their awesome festival which is 2 days before Akaraka was held. Continue reading “Yonsei’s University Festival”

Akaraka 2013

So I am 1 month late.

but it’s better late than never hahaha. even though I am not studying in Yonsei anymore, I still love all Yonsei events. and my favourite? Akaraka. if you’ve read my post last year, you would probably know how fun it is already. this year is no exception. but I still preferred last year. not sure if it was because they had students from Korea University and we sang songs to diss them. this year was.. all new freshmens and usual with a new lousy song which I didn’t like.
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this year’s title : My Name Is Yonsei. Continue reading “Akaraka 2013”